10 apps that will make your life easier when you travel

10 apps that will make your life easier when you travel

A lot of people like to travel, but it’s not always easy to plan a trip or have things clear when you’re in a country or city you don’t know.
Luckily, technology offers us more and more possibilities to manage our itinerary and access information about the place we are visiting.
These are some of the applications (there are many) that can make your life easier when you are traveling.

1. Google Trips

The last of the travel applications to go on the market is Google Trips and aims to be your “personalized pocket tour guide”.
The app has been well-received because, among other things, it allows you to access the information you need without being connected to the internet (although it is not the only one).
In fact, the entire app is available offline.
This is very useful when you are traveling and want to prevent roaming charges from making your holidays bitter.
Of course, you must keep in mind that Google Trips uses your Gmail account information, so it is necessary to have one to use it.
Once you download the application, you have to log in with your Gmail account and the app scans your emails for travel dates, flights, and information.
Then put at your disposal all that information in one place.
It also allows you to prepare an itinerary to your liking or directly does it for you.

2. TripAdvisor

It is a very popular app among travelers, which has been downloaded more than 340 million times, according to Forbes data.
It contains about 385 million opinions and reviews from other travelers around the world.
The app allows you to make hotel reservations directly from your platform, something that does not happen with other applications.
Although many people think of TripAdvisor as an application for reservations only, it actually contains a lot of information about popular attractions, hotels, shops and much more.
It also makes travel guides available to users.It is available in Spanish.

3. TripIt

TripIt is an app to manage itineraries.
To use it, you have to forward the confirmation emails of your reservations to the app and the application automatically transforms them into an itinerary.
Although if you prefer, you can link your email with the app and it imports your travel plans, without the need to resend emails, although it only works with Gmail, Outlook.com or Yahoo Mail.
Then it lets you check it from any platform and even if you are not connected to the internet.With TripIt you can also share the plans or your complete itinerary with whoever you want.
The app has three versions: one free, another without ads for US $ 0.99 and another one that costs the US $ 49 per year, with which you can locate flights, find out if there is a better seat available or receive flight alerts in real-time, between other things.
“The app receives a lot of praise because it is easy to use and helps you keep tons of valuable information in one place,” the website specialized in Cnet technology wrote about the application.
It is optimized for English, but you can also read confirmation emails in Spanish if they come from one of the important providers.

4. Triposo

This free application also works without an internet connection and offers you personalized suggestions on places and things to do, as if it were a travel guide.
It works with different categories: places to visit, eat out, nightlife, shopping and others.It has information on 25,000 destinations and a community of six million travelers.
“When you travel, you can open Triposo anywhere and you will skip a suggestion with things to do,” he explains on his website.
The app analyzes the criticisms available on the internet to reach its recommendations.
An interesting feature is that the app shows you where you are even if you have no connection and can also calculate the route to the place you have chosen.
It is only available in English, but it is intuitive and easy to use.

5. Google Maps

It is a well-known app, but you may not know that you can also use it without an internet connection and save data.
BBC Mundo wrote this note to explain how to do it:

6. Expensify

This application helps you control your expenses and save your entire trip bills.
It also allows you to maintain order, grouping expenses by categories and with the possibility of summarizing the results in a graph.
It is very useful especially for business trips since it makes it easy for you to store your expenses and then present the reports in the office.

7. Citymapper

It is the most complete app to calculate your routes by public transport is an easy and fast way since it tells you the departure times and delays in real-time.
It is available for about 30 cities, mostly in Europe, but also for Los Angeles, Tokyo or Sydney, for example. And if your idea is to do tourism in the region, there is a Citymapper for Mexico City and another for Sao Paulo.
With it you can see the nearest metro lines or bus stops, define your route, even if you want to do it by bike, or save the hotel address to get directions quickly.
In addition, all saved trips preserve the information so that you can access them even without a connection, which is very practical not to spend data.
And since saved trips are synchronized between devices, you can plan a route in advance on the web and once saved, it will automatically appear on your phone.
The app is free and there is a Spanish version.

8. FourSquare

This app helps you find places of interest that are nearby, such as museums or parks, as well as places to eat and shop.
The app offers you the comments of other members of the community.
Its database is very large, which is an advantage.
It is available in Spanish.

9. Google Translate

And if you are in a foreign country and do not understand the language, this app helps you translate up to 80 languages, including Spanish.
With Google Translate you can write or pronounce a phrase and the app sends you the translation.
There is also the iTranslate app for iPhone users, with which you can communicate in real time with your partner.
The app allows you to translate text or web pages, start voice conversations or search for words, meanings and even verbal conjugations in more than 90 languages.
And if you want to learn something about the language before the trip, this BBC World note may interest you:
5 applications to learn languages ​​with your cell phone

10. XE Currency

It is one of the most popular currency converters on the internet.
The app provides you with the exchange rate of the most important currencies and even precious metals.
You can also view historical charts and calculate prices with your phone or tablet.It’s free.TAGS:

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