16-year-old girl Zambian girl commits suicide after mother accused her of stealing pants

A 16-year-old Zambian girl, Agness Katenga, has committed suicide after her mother accused her of stealing three new pants.

The grade 10 pupil of Lunga Day Secondary School in Mwinilunga district of Northwestern Province, Zambia, reportedly sneaked out of the house on the night of Saturday and hung herself on a mango tree in the compound after her mother had beaten her for alleged stealing of pants.

The North-Western Province Police, which confirmed the incident, said the deceased was angered by the accusation and humiliation and decided to kill herself.

A family member, who spoke to a local media in Mwinilunga on Monday afternoon, claimed that the pants were later discovered in the late girl’s mother’s suitcase.

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According to the source, the deceased’s mother bought the underwear last Wednesday, put them in a suitcase and forgot because she was busy.

“When she wanted to wear one of them, she searched in four other bags except the other old suitcase and found nothing. So she decided to call her daughter, whom she then accused of stealing her new underwear.

“When Agness denied, the mother beat her up. The girl got annoyed and later hanged herself in a mango tree at night.

“After police officers removed the body and took it to the hospital, other female relatives searched the mother’s bags and found three new underwear in an old suitcase,” he stated.

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