20 Must-Read Tips for Everybody To Improve Your Health

Work, work and work … we are educated and conditioned socially and family to focus on work. We dedicate a third of our life to the workplace. However, we do not devote time to what we miss most when we lose it, what people say is one of the things they most want to have: health.  Improve your health and fitness It is a recurring desire for many people, but a desire to which we do not dedicate time or effort, nor give it enough value. We are not taught to properly manage our health. In my courses and seminars, I usually explain the importance of improving health to lead a full and satisfying life. Let us not forget that our state of health is part of success, in addition to the role that physical fitness plays in achieving success.

20 Tips to improve our health

  • 1. Have regular medical, dental and optical exams to make sure you are in good health. Get in the habit of doing it annually on your birthday.
  • 2. Avoid all habits that may harm you. You only have one body, and it will last you a lifetime, take care of it. Refuse tobacco, alcohol, processed meats, sugary drinks, energy drinks, etc.
  • 3. Research expert advice on prevention of health problems, and follow these tips. Train and learn in one of the most important areas. Without health, the rest of life’s areas are unimportant. Why train in other areas and set aside the most important?
  • 4. Follow a balanced and well-planned diet that provides you with all the necessary nutrients. Avoid processed foods and treated with harmful chemicals.
  • 5, Make a plan of physical exercises appropriate for your age and include it in your agenda. Your health is more important than your job, prioritize health.
  • 6. Train yourself in the principles of adequate food, do not take the information from the advertisements and media outlets for good, they just want to sell you products. Take responsibility for informing you of true sources about the products you eat.
  • 7. Try to eliminate or minimize substances such as sugar, refined salt, refined flours and dairy products ( the five white poisons ).
  • 8. Hydrate Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Do not wait until thirsty to drink water.
  • 9. Watch your weight. Do not allow your weight to be greater than adequate for optimal and long-term health, within your physical characteristics.
  • 10. Take food 5 times a day, try not to be more than 3 and a half hours without eating, and reduce the portions of the main meals: dinner and lunch.
  • 11. Keep stress at bay. It is a source of deterioration of health, stress is somatized in diseases and physical discomfort. Learn to control it and get away from the sources of stress in your life.
  • 12. Learn to disconnect from work problems. It is important to improve your health than when you are in moments of leisure or family life you are able to mentally escape from work issues.
  • 13. Sleep six to eight hours each day, without exception. Program rest and relaxation, you need it to keep your health in good condition.
  • 14. Watch that your goals in the physical and health area are well aligned and balanced with respect to the goals of other areas of life.
  • 15. Take care of your posture at work. The back pain is one of the most widespread health problems today. Exercise to strengthen your back muscles and prevent back discomfort and maintain your quality of life,
  • 16. Reserve 5 minutes every day to relax. Find out about ways to relax like yoga or tai chi. They are effective ways to combat stress and achieve a long-lasting quality of life.
  • 17. Smile, enjoy, get excited. Optimism, sympathy, and positivity are a source of health and quality of life. They also convey a positive image of us and improve our social relationships by attracting other people.
  • 18. Spend time yourself. Do activities that make you happy, schedule them on your agenda and grant yourself permission to enjoy life, your health will thank you.
  • 19. Try to stay as far away as possible from toxic environmental factors that may harm your health. The CO2 of vehicles, noise pollution, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, electromagnetic pollution from mobiles, radio alarms, etc …
  • 20. Have a healthy mental activity. Exercise your mind, boost your brain activity and increase your knowledge. Stimulate your curiosity about life and the environment, always try to learn new things, to maintain the health of your mind and prevent degenerative diseases.

20 Tips To Improve Your Health

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