I’m not comfortable with romantic roles – Shan George

Nollywood actress Shan George has said she is not comfortable playing romantic roles, she said one of the most awkward roles she has had is the role of a mermaid. the 50-year-old revealed this in a Punch interview on Saturday.

“Also, I am not comfortable with romantic roles. Playing romantic roles has never been my strong suit. It is one of the roles that have never gone down well with me.

“I just do it because it is my job. I think I am not comfortable with it because I am not a very romantic person. The thought of holding someone that is not mine is weird,” she said.

George also said she does not see any of her colleagues as rivals.

“I don’t have a rival in the industry and I have never had one. In every aspect of my life, I have never seen anyone as a rival. Instead, I see people as partners.

“Acting is not about who earns more. Earning much does not mean that one is bigger or in a better class than others. I treat all my jobs equally― whether I am paid as low as N50, 000 or as high as N1m. One’s attitude is what takes one far,” she said.

The University of Lagos graduate is also a singer, she has two children.

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