Activist, Mr Macaroni vows to continue agitation against bad governance

Mr Macaroni, real name Adebola Adebayo has revealed that he is prepared to continue fighting against bad governance.

According to the Nigerian activist and social media content creator, he is going to advocate for a better nation.

Mr Macaoni, one of the most influential comedians on social media stated that Nigeria is a nation designed to succeed, however, it is ruined by poor leadership skills and bad governance.

Recall Macaroni was amongst protesters who were arrested by the police during the #OccupyLagos protest a couple of weeks ago, he maintained that he has no regrets, despite being maltreated by the authorities.

Speaking with a correspondent, Macaroni stated during the session;

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“I have no regrets.
Any decision I take would be because I am solely convinced about it.
This is me and who I will continue to be.
I cannot be silenced.”

He continued;

“I hate being cheated and I hate it when people around me are being cheated.
If the government is not doing well, the least we can do is to lend our voices and call out that government.

If they choose to oppress and dehumanise us while doing that, that is their cup of tea. But, we will continue to use our voices and actions to speak against injustice.”

Macaroni revealed in the latter part of the interview that his recent skits more about the prejudice and nepotism perpetrated by the government.

.Activist, Mr Macaroni vows to continue agitation against bad governance. . | ..

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