Actress Nkiru Umeh, worried over increase of cross-dressers in Nigeria

Nollywood actress, Nkiru Umeh has taken to social media to show concern about the ever-increasing number of cross-dressers in Nigeria.

In an Instagram post during the early hours of Wednesday, March 24, the Nollywood actress revealed that the surge amongst the transvestite populace in this part is becoming uncomfortable.

The actress asked the question in her post, ‘Is crossdressing becoming a pandemic in Nigeria?’

In recent times, cross-dressers in Nigeria have been in a battle of supremacy on social media.

Nkiru asked if Nigerians should be worried about this trend.

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Read her post below;

What exactly is going on???

I am not understanding.

Is cross-dressing about to become a new pandemic in Nigeria now or is it some kind of business?🤷‍♀️

Again I ask…. should we be worried or just mind our business someone please explain?

.Actress Nkiru Umeh, worried over increase of cross-dressers in Nigeria. . | ..

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