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Lion Babe - Rainbow Child
Lion Babe – Rainbow Child

Inspired by the heralded artist of the same name, the duo’s vocalist Jillian utilizes the underground dance tune to detail having the freedom of artistic expression like the song title’s muse. “I’m like Frida Kahlo, a muse with a view / I’m like Frida Kahlo, I paint through the blues / Artist, not a saint, I give you a mood / Get a lot of love, I can’t pick or choose,” she sings.

Alongside the song, Lion Babe released the music video co-directed by Charlotte Sclapari. The video features the duo in different artistic settings, modeling paintings like those of Kahlo. In company with the new single and its supporting video, Lion Babe announced that they will be releasing their new album, Rainbow Child, this summer. Their last album, Cosmic Wind, was dubbed one of Rated R&B’s best R&B albums of 2019.

Speaking on the upcoming album in an Instagram post, Lion Babe stated, “It’s been two years since our last baby. The wind carried a new world. New fear arrived, and old ways subsided. So we built a rainbow to carry us over. Now it is time to color in all of the darkness. To dance in the rain. Art always follows pain, but our love never wanes.” Hervey and Goodman revamped the track in order to offer hope and inspiration at a time when inequality has been put back in the spotlight following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many others.

“We’ve spent 2020 writing new music and creating in response to the heightened pain and injustice black lives have been experiencing,” the duo said in a statement. “Music has been our refuge. We have turned to the artists that have provided wisdom, encouragement and energy to help us get through it.” They continued: “The song inspired us to bring it new life, the message however remains the same. FREEDOM for BLACK PEOPLE. We all are finding our own ways to participate in the revolution and for us it is with music.”

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