All You Need To Know About FANEV Readers’ Club (FRC)

Fanev Readers’ Club, an online Library, is a thought leadership group that is geared towards producing leaders by helping and mentoring them in forming a voracious reading habit.

It is an intentional group that develops and builds great leaders.

FRC was birthed by Nwachukwu Eze Aja on October 1, 2019 with the goal of encouraging people to read a minimum of one book in a month so as to help them get developed and become a better version of themselves.

We have read and reviewed thirty (30) books as at 24th April, 2021. We have also attracted several people from within and outside Nigeria as members of the club, The active ones who have read the books recommended by us shares plenty of testimonies on the impact that the club has made on them.

We provide soft copies of good books for members to read.
We read each chapter of the book daily with a brief summary or review of that chapter submitted to the academy daily within the period of the reading challenge.

Our membership is free and open to all tribes, religions, class, adults and young adults.

We also have another club for students under the age of eighteen(18) called Fanev Readers Club for Students (FRCS) that has made great impact on the lives of the younger generation.
This club read four good books within the lockdown of 2020, in a space of one and a half month.

We have been able to attract over 140 persons to our online platform who are ready to read and learn consistently.

The books we read vary from inspirational to motivational, academic and spiritual to equip the total man.
FRC is a baby of Fanev Foundation and she is a channel through which we give back to the society.

We encourage people to join and also introduce others to join as well.

Our next reading challenge takes effect as from 11th May, 2021, with a great book titled “FIND YOUR WHY” BY SIMON SINEK.

You can contact the admin by their numbers listed below to join or for any enquiry;
+234 802 389 9340
+234 805 723 2466

Warmest Regards
Nwachukwu Eze Aja
Founder, FRC

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