Anambra Debt Profile Increases as State Govt. Spent N227.673M Just for an Airport test run show

Anambra State international and cargo airport have really been given a lot of Media attention as it will be a legacy project if properly managed and completed. But one thing the people of Anambra are seriously asking is nothing but the expenses or Budget that was mapped out for the said project. We have been getting submissions from different quarters as some political class were saying that Anambra State did not spend any money on the said project while the common man in our community is really crying on the economic consequences of Anambra State Debt profile. In a video debate in 2017, the Governor was captured stating that the Airport project will not cost Anambra State any kobo, that a chinese company will take charge of all the experience as a means of investing in Anambra State.

In 2020, issues were raised on misappropriation of funds in the State as many people were calling on the attention of the Governor to address the people of Anambra State. In response to the call by Ndi Anambra to Governor Willie Obiano, he attributed the said funds worth 2.2million Dollars to a map out fund meant to sponsor the building of the proposed Anambra State international and cargo airport. Therefore, going contrary to what he said during the last Governorship election debate in 2017.

Ndi Anambra is in dear need of an international Airport, but statistics shows that the said airport project have squandered funds More that it should be in other civilized world.

Moreover, the Airport project is a nice one for Ndi Anambra but has many political undertones which is affecting the standard of the Airport. APGA led Government have seen the said project as a strategy to clear the anomalies committed by this administration ably led by Gov. Willie Obiano. It is quite unfortunate that the political drive pushed them to go ahead in squandering more funds by hosting a heavy test run flight landing on the said Airport amidst completion.

Who can believe that Anambra State Government spent N227.673 million just for an Airport show. This is still surprising to many people in this State despite the high debt profile accumulated by this Willie Obiano led administration.

Let us start with the beautiful write-up by Okoye Robinson Chibuzo on Anambra International Airport

“There’s nowhere in the world that a test flight goes with such fanfare.
We love wasting resources on frivolities.
The Airport isn’t completed yet and a test flight is a technical part of the construction of an airport. It’s just like running a pile test, and as such, does not warrant such spending, he added”.

Some agreed with the statement made by Chibuzor, stating that All those that attended the test run should be ashamed of themselves for not asking about the details of the said International and cargo airport.

Now look at what that single exercise cost you and the State at large

  1. Money to FAAN for the approval of that show 87 million.
  2. Money to Air peace for their services, including flying an aircraft to Umueri and back and the hours the plane was on the ground: 59 Million Naira.
  3. Money for the mobilization of people from the 21 local government to attend at 413,000 per Local Govt: N8, 673,000
  4. Money to selected personalities for logistics 12 m
  5. Money for press coverage and airing, which include the special package being prepared for Channels, Silver birds and AIT: 35 m
  6. Money signed for security: 21 m
  7. Money signed as logistics: 5 m

Total is N227.673 Million Naira

Imagine N227.673 million just for show. Would they now tell Ndi Anambra when another plane will land? The Euphoria will soon die down and people will become reasonable again and begin to ask or observe about the airport as follows:
Does it justify the squandering of 75 billion Naira?
Does it justify the debt of over 200 billion Naira?
Does it justify the debt of over 100 billion to contractors?
Over 50 canopies just for a test run?

After the euphoria is achieved, the very poor governance of the state will keep staring us in the face. Roads in worse condition, no new industries, some shares of Anambra in Hero beer sold, sale of Commissioners’ quarters and other assets continuing. Gratuities not paid since 2017

Ndi Anambra is calling on the attention of Gov. Willie Obiano and his team of economic experts on the red flag which the state is facing urging them to retrace their steps as the State is in great debt.

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