Anambra teachers protest govt’s directive on schools resumption

Teachers in Anambra State on Monday protested the state government’s directive for them to resume from the Christmas and New Year holiday before the students.

The state government had last week ordered the teachers to return to school on Monday while the students would remain at home till February 1.

However, while many of the teachers failed to resume as directed by the government, the few that showed up in schools protested the government’s decision to bring them to schools before the students.

They also complained of economic hardship and asked the government to pay their leave allowances.

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A principal in one of the schools said: “Okay, we are in school now, what will we be doing here? We do not deal with files? The teachers’ job is to impact students with knowledge. So, what are we doing here without our students?

“This policy by the Anambra State government is wicked. We (teachers) have not been paid our leave allowances, yet they want us to spend money to come to school every day to sit idle. They should ask the students to join us. The students they are keeping away from school are either in the market or in other places where they can still contract COVID-19. It is better for them to be in school here.”

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