‘Angry’ Trump reportedly set to float new political party

US accuses China of hacking organisations carrying out research on COVID-19US accuses China of hacking organisations carrying out research on COVID-19

Reports in the Business Standard suggests that ousted President of the United State, Donald Trump, is still very angry at losing the November 3, 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden and is planning to float his own political party to be called the ‘Patriot Party,’ so as to continue in politics.

Trump left the presidency on Wednesday under a dark cloud which ended his four-year term stained by two impeachments, deep political divisions and his handling of a pandemic that has claimed over 400,000 deaths in the US.

Trump who refused to attend the inauguration of successor Biden, in his farewell video address, told his supporters that he would be back in “some form” in the future.

“It’s been a great honour and privilege to be your president. I will always fight for you. I will be watching. I will be listening.

“I wish the new administration great luck and great success. I think they will have great success. They have the foundation to do something really spectacular.

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“Goodbye. We love you. We will be back in some form. Have a good life. We will see you soon,” he added.

Now, speculations are rife that Trump, who still enjoys a large support base within the Republican Party, has begun moves to float a new political party.

Sources told the Business Standard that the billionaire businessman-turned-politician had already intimated his vast retinue of aides and associates on his quest to set up a new party which could see him contest for the potential presidency in 2024.

A political analyst, who spoke on the matter, said “Trump’s deep pockets would be more than sufficient to float a new political party. It, however, remains uncertain if such a party would be able to garner a massive chunk of public goodwill to rival the two major contemporary political parties in the United States.”

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