Another Nigerian arrested in Thailand for drug trafficking

A 26-year-old Nigerian, Davidsmith Chinazaekpere Ejiogo, has been arrested by the police in Patong area, Phuket, Thailand, after he was caught with small amounts of crystal methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy in his pockets, the Thai police said on Thursday.

Police officers said they found one sachet of crystal methamphetamine, six sachets of cocaine and four sachets of powdered ecstasy in Ejiogo’s pockets at the time of his arrest.

The police say the arrest of Ejiogo was made possible following a tip-off from an informant that an African man would deliver illicit drugs to customers in Soi Nanai 8.

The police said it launched a discrete investigation and assigned men to the area where they noticed the suspect standing, waiting in the street. They approached him, and a search revealed the drugs.

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“During interrogation, Ejiogo allegedly admitted he had more drugs in his room in Kalama area. He led police there and some cocaine was found inside a drawer under his bed, and some ecstasy hidden under a tree in front of the room,” the police said.

“He was taken to Patong police station for further questioning. The suspect said he bought the drugs from an Asian friend in Bang Thao area of Thalang district, but did not know his real name.

“He is currently being held in police custody on charges of illegal possession of illicit drugs with intent to sell.”

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