Antar Laniyan sends belated birthday wish to Toyin Adegbola

Nollywood actor and director Antar Laniyan has sent a belated birthday wish to actress Toyin Adegbola.

The Osogbo born shared a picture of Toyin in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

He said she is his friend and sister.

“Happy Birthday To You My Adorable Friend and Sister. My kind Hearted Personal Person @yeyetoyintomato,” he wrote.

Toyin also shared pictures of herself on Instagram.

In one her post she said, “Lord Jesus, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me this far in life. I might not be a billionaire, but You have blessed me with life, good health, happiness and peace of mind. These gifts are worth more than all the money and treasures of the world.”

She turned 59 on Monday.

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