Bobrisky Silences His Haters By Sharing His Bank Account Statement (Photo)

Bobrisky has shared screenshots of credit alerts he received in one day while asking his followers if they’ve made that much in their 20s.
According to the unapologetic crossdresser, his goal is to make at least ? 1 million daily and he meets his target most times.
He went on to advise his followers to concentrate on making money rather than hating on him.
Screenshots of his bank statement showed his account was credited with ? 1 million at once today while yesterday he was credited with? 990,000.
Sharing the screenshots he wrote:
Good morning guys, what are your plans in life ? Have you ever asked yourself what you have achieve at your early 20. Many of you just want to be a follower forever praising celebrities .
While some are just on Ig to open fake account just to insult you and after you block the account they open another one. Just imagine the time they are using to open those fake accounts they can make cool cash with that time they just wasted.
Have you wished to be celebrated too in Nigeria or all over the world ? If yes pls work hard don’t wait till you start answering sir/ ma for your age mate, it embarrassing.
As for me I target making 1 millionaire daily I hustle like am dying tomorrow. There is time for everything so you gat use all time to gather millions. If I make anything lesser than 1million a day I will feel so sad because it make me feel am lazy.
The way Nigeria is going it look like thing is going to be harder. More reasons why I choose to double my hustle and forget about those hate from people. I woke up dis morning only for me to see my money today has been sent to me already. Pls let work hard and hate less. Good morning

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