BOKO HARAM: Insurgents attacked Maiduguri community, repelled by Army

Insurgents attacked Maiduguri community, repelled by army

Suspected members of Boko Haram have attack Jiddari Polo, a community, outskirt of Borno state’s capital, Maiduguri.

The attack was launched on Tuesday evening, some resident in the area has confirmed.

The sound of sporadic gunfire and heavy explosions were heard within the city around 6pm, few minutes to the time of breaking fast.

A resident in the area confirmed the incident noting that she and her family had flee and seek refugee in her husband’s family house at Gwange, a popular community within the metropolis.

Another source who confirmed the attack to Yerwa Express News said that the terrorists attacked from a strategic locations and has forced many people to flee the area.

‘We are currently fleeing our resident right now, road are close people are running’, he said, as quoted by the report.

However, the attack was repelled after about an hours of fire exchange between the troops and the terrorist group. Another residents from the area also confirmed the presence of troops of the Nigerian army. He said they were seen trooping towards the action scene in several armed vehicles.

Report by Yerwa Express News also said that a military source had confirmed the repelling of the attack, with heavy casualties recorded on the side of the insurgents.

Reports has so far indicated that there is no casualty on the civilian popular.

Jiddari Polo is one of the most attacked community in Maiduguri, particularly during festive periods or one or few days ahead.

This reporter has also observed that, the terrorist do not usually attack innocent civilian population in such attacks. A resident of Maiduguri who pledged annonimity believed that such attacks are a propaganda by the insurgents to disrupt festive periods.

However, there is no official statement form the government or security forces on the attack at the time of filling this report.

More details shortly…

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