Broda Shaggi completes his NYSC, passes out, flaunts his discharged certificate

Broda Shaggi alongside other Batch A corps members, completed his NYSC and also engaged in the passing out parade today.
The Nigerian comedian who shared a video of himself donned in the NYSC outfit, recounted how he almost gave up everything while as a student at UNILAG.
Broda Shaggi who completed his NYSC today, disclosed that he is happy he has made his family proud again.
He wrote;
Every race has an end and not every athlete makes it to the end all the time, many will fall trying to get there.
It’s one of my happiest day as I made my Family Proud again. I can’t forget what my mum said last 2 years, she said “Samuel, you have to break this curse, you have to be a graduate, promise me you will, promise me you will”. Even tho it got tougher along the way back then in Unilag when I almost gave up everything, when I was determined to drop school, God you stood by me and today you completed my story. I really wish I can write more now but if I start , oloun I fit no type finish today but I just wanna say TAINK YOU JESUS, I wanna say Alhamdulilahi, I am grateful for this and here marks the beginning of a bigger journey.
From No 1 fine boy Agbero, I present to you
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