Celebrities creating awareness because coronavirus kills the rich – Seun Kuti

Musician Seun Kuti has said that one of the reasons celebrities are creating awareness about coronavirus is because it kills everyone and not just the poor.

The 37-year-old said this while asking a question on Insatstories on Wednesday.

He said he is happy they are creating the awareness but there is also the issue of hunger killing people.

“Corona is real and killing us. I like the zeal that our faves are using to tell us about it. Hunger been killing us too tho and if all die na die where is the zeal there?

“Or this is just because corona can kill you too but hunger dey kill only poor man?” he wrote.

Seun’s post comes after a second wave of the virus is said to have struck Nigeria.

A lot of celebrities have taken to social media to beckon on everyone to be safe and use their mask as the virus has hit them personally.

Ali Baba, Paul Okoye, Elvina Ibru among other shave shared their coronavirus experience.

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