Comedian, Acapella, condemns the ‘modern’ women in relationships

Ace Nigerian comedian, Acapella has accused the modern day woman of being loose and disrespectful.

In a Twitter post, the comedian stated that women no longer have regards and have since lost moral values.

He stated that it is wrong for single women to date married men, but that it has been conceived as the norm these days.

Acapella further criticised women who smoke and engage in other acts that he considers ‘rugged’. He admonished men to tread with caution whenever they are choosing their life partners.

The comedian wrote;

In Today’s Nigeria, Dating A Married Is Classified As Pop Culture. Girls Don Troway Face.

If They Perish They Perish Abi Na The Kind Smoke Wey Babes Dey Smoke These Days We Want Talk?
Bro No Let Anybody Jonz You, These Babes Rugged Pass As You Think”

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