Comedian Chigul shares pictures of scars

Comedian and actress Chigul has shared pictures of her scars on Instagram

The 44-year-old revealed that she got the first scar from a car accident on Monday.

“SCARS!!!!!! SLIDE ONE….scar from broken arm that needed surgery…car accident….Slide 2….scars from epidural injections for back pain…(I was given 2 epidural in a week)…doctor did not know what he was doing…(that’s a whole other story for a whole nother day🙄).

“Anyways….scars can be physically, mental, emotional / Psychological…Sometimes we want to remove them because they are not very pretty to look at….or because they remind us of a time of pain,” she wrote.

Chigul initially became a singer under the name C-Flow but this has been subsumed by her characters – principal of which is Chigul.

She stars in the movie Banana Island Ghost in 2017. The multi-talented actress plays the role of Ijeoma, who is paired with Patrick Diabuah as the ghost.

Chigul has also featured in movies such as The Wedding Party 2 and Road to Yesterday.

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