Complete Sports publisher Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase turns 70

Publisher of Complete Sports and Success Digest Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase on Thursday turned 70.

Celebrating him, a member of the House of Representatives Akin Alabi described the publisher in a tweet as his “mentor”.

He wrote: “My mentor, the publisher of Complete Sports and Success Digest, Dr Sunny Ojeagbase is 70 today. Here is the man that laid the foundation of my business career. I’m so excited. I will be holding a business webinar soon about/with him to celebrate this milestone.”

In another tweet, Mr Alabi who runs a sports betting company NairaBet said he learnt to pioneer the industry in Nigeria through Mr Obazu-Ojeagbase.

“My mentor, Dr Sunny Ojeagbase pioneered the sports publishing industry with Sports Souvenir, Complete Football and then Complete Sports. He taught me how to pioneer an industry so I pioneered the sports betting industry in Nigeria,” he added. Headquartered in Isolo, Lagos, Complete Sports was first published in 1995.

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