‘Dreams will take you far, not talent’, Phyno tells emerging stars

Indigenous rapper Phyno has admonished his followers to focus on their dreams and aspirations so they can attain their purpose.

Phyno who was interviewed by the talent manager, Bankuli told his followers to never focus on talent alone, but they should put in enough work in pursuit of their dreams.

Here is what Phyno said during the session;

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“No matter how much you love an artist, if he doesn’t have the dream from within it is not going to work because it is like you dreaming for somebody so, the dream is actually what is going to take you far.

I have worked with a whole lot of artists that you probably say have talent, but they don’t even see themselves at that place.
So how is it going to work?”

Continuing, the singer and songwriter said;

“It has to be you, that is why when you hear people say you are in charge of your dreams, you are in charge of the future you have to make it work; it’s fact. Never stop dreaming.
Success is in your hands”.

.‘Dreams will take you far, not talent’, Phyno tells emerging stars. . | ..

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