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American hip hop rap duo composed of Spillage Village-emcees Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, from Atlanta, Georgia, United States, composed of Atlanta-based rappers Olu and WowGr8, EarthGang drop off a new taste of “Ghetto Gods” with “Aretha,” a bouncy and reflective track from the Dreamville duo.

EarthGang’s Ghetto Gods is on the way, and the Dreamville duo has come through to release “Aretha,” a new single from the upcoming project. Setting the tone is a bouncy and minimalist instrumental from Yudu Gray and Johnny Venus, who also has the honor of handling the opening verse. “‘Options’ dropped, barely made a sound, damn,” he spits. “I guess we let Nas and Cole down / Quarter mil’ was the bill, toughen your skin up / Failure is artist development.”

And that’s only the opening scheme, as Olu proceeds to fire off an incredible verse; though his rapid-fire flow is impressive in itself, the lyrics are what really shine. Dot picks up where he left off, catching a slick pocket. “Wish a ni*ga would, can’t wait to shoot / still fuck 12 and Dylann Roof,” he raps. “More verses, less interviews / This what I’m addicted to, this all I’m committed to.”

EarthGang are co-founders of the musical collective Spillage Village, with JID, Hollywood JB, JordxnBryant, 6LACK, Mereba, and Benji.


  • And you know, we all smoked some weed
  • Right before our eyes, they makin’ billions off of green
  • Black folks blowin’ smoke and we still ain’t feel seen
  • There’s people still locked up for life since seventeen
  • They say, “‘Lu, I ain’t no rapper, so you gotta say it for me
  • I ain’t no actor but you gotta tell my story”
  • And all of these feelings you got on your chest
  • You should get it off now ‘fore we lay you to rest 

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