Father Mbaka suspended: Who will suspend Sheik Gumi and Pantami – 9News Nig. asked

As the suspension of Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka by the Diocesan Bishop of the Catholic Church Enugu, Bishop Callistus Valentine Onaga continues to raise dust, many Nigerians still wonders whether Bishop Onaga consulted widely before he could take such a leftist decision.

As the decision of the Diocese is criticised by majority of Nigerians, 9News Nigeria is also confounded as of some the following questions she asked her editorial team in the newsroom today could not still find an answer.

9News Nigeria queries Bishop Onaga and enquires to know the following:

Are Christian Leaders in Nigeria willingly submitting themselves to Islam or Muslim faithful as they are seemingly rating themselves as being inferior or are been afraid of been killed?

Isn’t Father Ejike Mbaka first a Nigerian before being the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria – AMEN

As a Nigerian, does his priesthood deny him his Constitutional freedom of speech?

Why is Father Mbaka call of President Muhammadu Buhari to resign a threat the country security and the revelation that the sitting Minister of Communication Isa Pantami is a member of Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist groups is not a threat the national security?

Why is the Imam of Pantami mosque not suspending Pantami?

Who will suspend Sheik Ahmad Gumi, who threatened the whole nation saying we will regret it if Pantami is sacked?

What sanction was melted on Sheik Gumi when he warned Journalists not to address bandits as terrorists, meanwhile these terrorists are making the whole country ungorvernable for President Buhari?

Why is the Presidency and Muslim leadership not cautioning Meyitti Allah leaders for their regular threat to declare war against those adverse to their faith?

Considering the habitual silence and inactions of Muhammadu Buhari led administration over Pantami sympathy on Al-Qaeda and Taliban and other open support by some terrorists who had infiltrated the ranks of government, the suspension of Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka by the Diocesan Bishop of the Catholic Church, Enugu is illogical and unfair to the Christian community and father Mbaka as a person vis-à-vis the insecurity laissez faire of Buhari government.


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