FCTA commends Abuja schools for compliance with COVID-19 protocols

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The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on Tuesday commended the management of public and private schools in Abuja over high level of compliance with the COVID-19 safety protocols in their various schools.

This was revealed by the Acting Secretary/ Director of Administration and Finance (DAF) of the Education Secretariat, Mallam Leramoh Abdulrazaq, during the inspection of schools in Abuja to check the level of compliance with the COVID-19 protocols.

Leramoh, during his visit to the following schools:

Government Senior Secondary school and Junior Secondary School, Festival Road in Area 10, Government ScienceTechnical College (GSTC), Area 3, and Regina Pacis College, noted that

wearing of facemasks and temperature check were enforced.

He expressed his satisfaction over the efforts being made by the school authorities to ensure full compliance with the safety protocol in order to mitigate spread of the pandemic.

He said ; “We are happy and satisfied with what we have seen so far. We have visited a number of public schools, and we have also visited private schools.

“From what we have seen and the interaction we had we the students and teachers, we are satisfied that there is knowledge about COVID-19 and its safety protocols among them.

“And there is high level of compliance in the wearing of nose masks, the awareness that they have to properly and regularly wash their hands, and maintaining social distancing protocols.

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“It could also be seen in the sitting arrangement in the classrooms where the population of students per class is reduced in some cases less than half of the normal class size, in order to maintain social distance protocols required”, Leramoh stated.

“the schools we have visited, and the ones we have not visited, we have a fair knowledge of what is available there. This is because compliance monitoring are multi-level”

“We have the school level monitoring of compliance under the leadership of the principals, these are the primary agents of compliance in the schools. Then, of course, the various departments and boards such Secondary Education Board monitoring and inspection unit that moves around to ensure that all the schools are compliant.

“Also, Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB) has quality assurance unit that also moves around to ensure that the schools are compliant. Then, we have a whole department that also has that responsibility. And this has commenced since yesterday (Monday) to ensure that all the schools are compliant”.

“in highly populated schools, we introduced shift system – where half of the class will come in the morning and afternoon. So all these are in place to ensure compliance.

“Where we observed gaps in the system, we call the attention of the school administration to such gaps. We constantly monitor the schools to ensure that they adhere to the instructions that we have given, and where we observed any breach, there are sanctions for such non-compliant officer,” . He said

.FCTA commends Abuja schools for compliance with COVID-19 protocols. . | ..

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