Fulanization – what is that?

PDP,consensus candidate and its imminent failurePDP,consensus candidate and its imminent failure

The pure definition of a cowardly people is the ability to run round in circles instead of facing a major problem. So, they will embark on labeling, defining, discussing and analyzing instead of coming out and facing the issue frontally.

Evil men, variously defined as kidnappers, murderers and a band of merry men have been going around the country causing mayhem, destroying livelihoods, raping and pillaging all under the guise of herding.

As a result of this, we have put head together, discussed the issues and come up with a very brilliant idea of ‘fulanization’ of the country.

So, what all our eggheads and political strategists could come up with as a veritable explanation of all these, according to them, is that the Fulani, ever since the time of their forebear, Uthman Dan Fodio, had decided to grab all of our lands.

There is also the claim that what is happening today in some parts of the country that used to be known as Yoruba land, but now renamed Sunday Igboho land, is the full and final annexation of all lands in fulfilment of the long desires of the skinny Uthman Dan Fodio.

How foolish can our wise men be. In arriving at this conclusion, it did not cross their minds that the core Fulani areas in the North are suffering a worse fate than the South.

Banditry has finished Kaduna, Katsina and Bauchi to mention a few and what is remaining in the North-East, the Boko Haram have carried that one.

In the South-South and South-East, it is kidnapping and ritual Killings. Indeed, the only efficient thing in the country today is insecurity and yet we cover our faces in the sand with our naked bums out in the air and be screaming fulanization.

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The utter stupidity of this claim can only be muted by the probable calculation that these claims could have been spurned by some wickedly brilliant strategists who feel that if you muddy this obviously powerful ethnic tribe, it might affect their chances in the coming elections.

Well, this position is tenable if you consider how President Jonathan was labeled a weakling because of his handling of the girls that were kidnapped and other issues of violence.

Well, on that note maybe I won’t be as harsh as I set out to be at the beginning of this write up. But let me state it very clearly that what we are seeing or witnessing in the country right now is nothing but a total breakdown of the ability of the centre to secure lives and property all over the country.

It has nothing to do with nepotism or any such thing as you would want to call official cover up for the ‘fulani’. Very far from it my people. Very far from it.

The so-called marauders whose membership cuts across every tribe and ethnic coloration complete with foreign representation have only taken advantage of the porous attempt at leadership to unveil mayhem, and while this is going on we are busy labeling and ethnicisng the issue.

We are in for a long ride. I tell you, with people like Mr. Kanu, Mr Sunday , Reno Omoikiri and the cattle rearers association fanning the embers of ethnic distrust with fangless leaders, the stupidity will continue ceaselessly.

If only I could just grab all of them and wring their scrawny necks and scream that the issue is LEADERSHIP and not any Fulanization whatever that is. Kai!

Author: Joseph Edgar…

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