GIGL launches new plan to help e-commerce merchants boost revenue

GIGgo goes live in Lagos. This App may just be what GIG Logistics needs to consolidate market leadershipGIGgo goes live in Lagos. This App may just be what GIG Logistics needs to consolidate market leadership

As part of of its sustained innovation strides, Africa’s leading logistics company, GIGL, has launched a new service bouquet tagged Class Plan which e-commerce merchants, both local and international, can leverage to digitally scale their ventures, and, in turn, increase revenue.

“The cost effective delivery plan goes forward to double down on GIGL’s commitment to meet every business with logistics services that are smart, effective and completely flexible,” the company said in a statement as the business solution went live in the first half of January, 2021.

With local and global businesses seeking more cost effective solutions to their logistics challenges, especially those hinged on technology, the Class Plan looks to fill a void that guarantees tremendous returns in the value chain.

Headquartered in Lagos, GIGL has pioneered other last-mile solutions, and says its new business solution in the COVID-19 pandemic era offers subscribers a 15% discount on shipping charges as well as other business interventions.

Its January release said, “GIGL Class Plan which offers up 15% discount on shipping charges was created as the ecommerce merchant’s solution to these and other far-reaching issues.”

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“The plan also offers free insurance cover on all shipments, priority shipping for merchants who subscribe to it, no charges on COD (Cash on Delivery), free bulk pick up for interstate deliveries, e-Commerce business growth kit, a dedicated account officer and media visibility for business growth,” the statement added.

The Class Plan may well be the solution value-oriented e-commerce players have long expected as subscribers get an edge over competitors, with huge discount promises.

GIGL makes further claim to simplifying the buying process and making it easier for the consumer to connect with the right seller and also says that its various business solutions have positioned it as the ultimate enabler of that process.

“A seamless logistics process is one of the major defining factors in ensuring a consistently valuable consumer journey the world over. But companies delivering seamless logistics processes are not easy to come by, especially in Africa and Nigeria,” GIGL said.

The company, therefore, urged e-commerce merchants to weigh in on their everyday challenges and insist on “a quality platform that synchronizes the logistics process and actually provides timely & efficient deliveries.”

Subscribers to the new business solution have been promised a monthly charge of ₦4,999, brand support through increased awareness arising from their affiliation to the GIG Logistics platform, as well as a growth kit to merchants which shall be equipped with detailed insights from experienced and skilled professionals in the industry.

Prospective merchants who seek to be among the early beneficiaries of the Class Plan can sign up either on the website or via the GIGGo App on a scheme which Africa’s leading logistics company says will “largely reduce the burden of cost arising from standard and incidental charges incurred by e-commerce merchants.”

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