Give Me PDP Ticket By June 26th And The General Election Will Come Off As Carnival ~ Godwin Maduka

….declares self “24 carate Igbo Man” with capacity to upturn the setbacks of ndị Anambra….

By Tony Ezike

An illustrious son of Umuchukwu community and promising PDP gubernatorial aspirant Dr Godwin Maduka (Okosisi Orumba) has interfaced with zonal stakeholders of the party at Anaedo Hall Nnewi, Fegge Recreation Club Housing Estate Onitsha, and Marble Arc Hotel Awka from 26th to 27th May 2021, in continuation of his campaign to secure the guber ticket and proceed to win the general election for the party.

The number 1 pain doctor visited the 3 Senatorial Districts in company of the traditional ruler of Umuchukwu community Igwe Barr Kenneth Okechukwu Maduka, his campaign DG Hon Mike Joe Onwudinjo, amongst other prominent members of the team who are professionals in various fields of endeavour.

The Harvard trained professor was consistent in informing his audience at the three locations that Anambra South deserves a shot at the governorship position this time, having showcased her retinue of eminently qualified aspirants, as well as the logistics required to prosecute the elections from inter party to intraparty stages. He urged anyone who thinks that the zone has nobody to step out and challenge him on any grounds whatsoever so he can humiliate him accordingly.

Dr Maduka who promised to bring development from the diaspora to Anambra State stated that about 50% of the resources for state development will be raised from the diaspora with his expertise, connections and goodwill. He assured the party delegates that the general elections will be won for PDP on June 26th and not November 6th, 2021 if they give him the party ticket because the days beyond June 26th will be just like carnival as long as he has the party ticket.

He reiterated his resolve to establish emergency centers and university satellite campuses across the 21 LGAs to broaden the healthcare and academic capacity of the state. He also assured his audience of his potentials to secure funds externally into the state coffers, while condemning the corrupt attitude of some public officers who are busy evacuating funds meant for internal development to foreign countries.

Okosisi decried the antidemocratic approach of some politicians who induce party delegates and the electorates with material influence, oath taking or outright intimidation, warning that he will not hesitate to humiliate any of such persons with whatever they come up with henceforth. This decision according to him was necessary to put a stop to the deceitful tendencies of such politicians across party lines.

Speaking further, Dr Maduka informed his audience that he is “Mr Evidence” considering over 100 infrastructural projects completed by him which according to him are critical for electioneering campaigns, arguing that non of the aspirants across party lines can match his achievements in academics, philanthropy, social investment, infrastructural development and preparedness to reinvent the state.

Some Of The Areas Covered During His Speech are as follows:

“I built primary and secondary schools in Umuchukwu” ~ Dr Maduka
Additionally, he promised to implement free education to the letter from primary to secondary school which he said includes excercise books, arguing that it is wrong to declare free education during political campaign, only to extort money from the students thereafter, via other means.

“I built police station, civil defense and SARS office, and was about bringing home a police college when politicians frustrated my efforts, now I want to stop begging them, do all that myself because I know the importance of security and I’m very prepared to tackle insecurity head-on”

“I built and furnished a federal high court and judges quarters for effective dispensation of justice in the state”

“I built Catholic, Anglican and Pentecostal churches. Built parish houses and monastery, so that light will triumph over darkness as people pray in those places. Those facilities are undoubtedly the secret of my steady progress”

“Apart from air and road transportation in my manifesto which will be confronted holistically, my administration will work towards opening up the River Niger to activate the Onitsha seaport through the Atlantic ocean, so that our traders would be clearing their goods within our domain”

“I have already built a 17 storeys World medical research center and since God has blessed Anambra State with the number 1 Pain Doctor in the world, the best way to utilize this rare gift is to build and equip the requisite facility that’ll provide topnotch healthcare services to Anambrarians, Nigerians, Africans and the world at large”

“As a certified and reputable world-class pharmacist, I will establish a standard drug manufacturing facility whereby drugs with better potency than what we’re being dispensed with currently will be produced and distributed through established trading channels like Onitsha head bridge drug market, as well as other regulated outlets, to save more lives through proper drug administration”

“Every citizen of Anambra State in an emergency situation must be treated first as he or she should have access to medical treatment given such situation. Any doctor who refuses to treat such patient to the point of death will face disciplinary action from the state”

“I want to be the governor of all 179 communities in Anambra State because it is inhuman, irrational and condemnable for any governor to convert public mandate to personal apparatus and concentrate on his community alone. That can never happen under my watch as governor. My government will put an end to financial rascality and administrative irresponsibility. Enough is enough!”

“My administration will introduce agric grants to people willing to establish mechanized farm clusters to do livestock and embark on massive production of food items, taking advantage of our vast arable lands across the state. This farmer’s grant among other schemes shall be applied to revolutionize agriculture in the state”

“My administration will structure democracy dividends to accommodate people’s welfare to the extent that each citizen of Anambra State must have social security number with which such person can assess the full benefits of our democratic vision. Gone are the days when governors tend to concentrate on either provision of basic amenities or stomach infrastructure, I will combine both as equally important. I pray to God to give me the opportunity to fulfill my avowed commitment to Ndi Anambra, he added”.

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