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Anytime I talk about Governor Hope Uzodimma and his leadership of Imo state, I do that with every sense of pride and responsibility. I do it both offline and online conscious of the fact that I might be called upon to defend my positions at any point in time either now or in future. Yes, iam aware of this and I want to say that I take full responsibility of my depositions about this exceptional man called Hope Odidika Uzodumma. I have confidence in Governor Uzodimma. I will forever stand by my belief about Governor Hope Uzodimma. Anybody who knows me know that iam strong willed and very unshakable in my belief or convinction . I have been in Imo state and I have seen Governors in the past but I can say unequivocally that there are distinguishing traits in this Governor Uzodimma that stand him out from the rest.

That is not to say that others before him are completely bad. Not all! Perhaps, except for Senator Rochas Okorocha whose 8 years tenure destroyed sound governance, introduced ‘familiocractic” regime, institutionslised corruption and greed, ignored due process and disobeyed rule of law, others tried their best to make a difference during their time. At least, they brought some level of sanity to governance except Rochas Okorocha who called the bluff of all well known sound laid down democratic ethos.

However, Governor Uzodimma is the best Governor Imo state has had so far. Maybe because among all the past Governors, Governor Uzodimma was the only one who played grassroot politics before ascending to become Governor. He is unarguably the only one who played real Imo politics for years before becoming Governor. He understands the state and its people better than the rest. He knows everybody who is anybody in Imo before he became Governor. He is the only one who rose from the ranks. He is the only one who has been a real party man unlike others who became party men when they became Governor. He came from the private sector to the public sector.

Governor Uzodimma is the only one who has shown capacity even as a private person more than the rest of these people.. As a private person even at a very early stage of his life from the time of the military, he has done a lot. He has fought with the high and mighty and won. For instance, he single handedly brought a LG headquarters to his own community against all odds in the 90s. So Where were all these people then?

Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma at the Commissioning of the Prince Alex Mbata drive
Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma at the Commissioning of the Prince Alex Mbata drive

Unlike others, who were recruited from outside, Governor has been a home boy in Imo. Some of them rose to the top through one call from one top big man in Abuja to the sitting Governor and party tickets were handed over to them. Some failed party primary but were favoured because of zoning sentiment in 1999. So they were not really on ground as long long as Imo politics is concerned.

Governor Uzodimma is the only one who was not supported or annointed by a sitting or outgoing Governor.. He is the most fought and the one that received the highest boardroom gang up. For instance, the gang up was the reason why they conspired and deliberetly but wickedly wrote the last 2019 Guber result and put him at the lowest lader from where God brought him to his rightful position using the prayers of Imo people and the court.

And this is the reason why Governor Uzodimma is proving purposeful leadership to Imo people. This is the reason why he has vowed to ensure that Imo state gets the best from him. Today, there are glaring signs that his fight against corruption, insecurity and nepotism is succeeding. He is not corrupt and no matter any contrary view anybody may hold against him, I insist that Governor Uzodimma has brought financial discipline in the running of Imo government. The security situation in Imo state has tremendously improved after they tried to use insecurity to derail him.

Imo people are begining to see the clear difference between the leadership of a man who understands the job and better prepared and that of accidental Governors in the past. These are incontrovertible facts. And I believe except those who are enmeshed in blind politics, every right thinking person in this state will attest to the fact that indeed Imo state is in a safe hands.

Imo Governor is working!!

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