HEADIES 2021: Who should be the next big act? Omah Lay, Tems, Oxlade, Shmurda

The 2021 Headies Award ceremony will take place on Sunday, February 21. Due to the Coronavirus social disctancing guidelines, the award ceremony will be virtual.

On Friday, December 4, the 2021 nomination list for the Awards was published, with 25 categories (excluding the special recognition and hall of fame category). Every single artiste listed deserves the mention.

On Sunday, a new artiste will be crowned the next big thing, a title that every talented artiste thinks he or she deserves. Understandably so, as they have worked so hard; composing songs and entertaining their listeners with their hypnotic vocals.

It is everything- time, energy and passion. Regardless of the result later on Sunday, these guys have given it their all, however, there is always room for improvement.

The most important category at the award show is the “NEXT RATED” category.


It is the most essential category because this serves as the unveiling of a new generation. A new set of talented individuals who want the world to listen to their message and influence a nation with their voice.

This is the moment in the career of artistes where they begin to hone their craft and build their self-esteem as a person and a celebrity.

Like in Biology, artistes need to experience metamorphosis in their respective careers, otherwise they are considered mediocre and insignificant.

Four youngsters will be battling it out in the “NEXT rated” category, they include- Omah Lay, Tems, Bella Shmurda and Oxlade.

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Coming off a tedious 2020, every single nominee deserves to be honoured. These youngsters have decided to remain grounded despite the onerous situation they found themselves in about one year ago.

In February 2020, there was a global pandemic hence, the government ordered a lockdown. Towards the end of the year, there was a nationwide agitation against the government, this time around, the citizens of Nigeria were agitating against police brutality and extra judicial killings in the country.

There was everything to fight for in 2020. Should these artistes have decided not to release a song at the time, everyone would have understood. However, they continued to hone their skill and believe in their dream and aspiration.

These fledgling artistes put their heart in their craft to create masterful pieces in 2020. Bella Shmurda’s ‘Cash App’ was everywhere, Tems worked with Wizkid, Omah Lay released one of the most popular music projects of 2020, and Oxlade has continued to tread that path of excellence.

No doubt, every single nominee deserves the recognition; but only one person will be going home with the award.

This is the beginning of a new level in the career of these nominees, hence, it is quintessential that they build from here regardless of the result on Sunday night.

Tems, Omah Lay, Oxlade And Bella Shmurda will be looking to go home with a brand new Toyota SUV.

It’s not about the vehicle however, this category has catapulted several artistes into mainstream success; a win on the Headies Award night would serve as the precedent to greatness.

Afrobeats legends, Wizkid and Davido emerged victorious in the ‘Next Rated Award’ category in 2010 and 2011 respectively, both icons have since gone on to enjoy mainstream success.

Burna Boy, another ex-Next Rated award nominee is on a lofty league of his as he has always been. Today, he is a 2-time Grammy nominee, in 2021, his aim and objective is to deliver a winner’s speech. That’s what Burna aims for.

In the meantime, we should all cross our fingers and see how the award show plays out.

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