How Gov. Umahi Wanted Me To Dance Naked With Him – Former Aide Reveals!

Former Special Assistant to Governor David Nweze Umahi on Internal Security (Urban) and current Peoples Democratic Party Youth Leader (South East Zone), Comrade Egwu Goodluck Chidiebere, has accused his former Boss of being power drunk who beckoned on him to join him in the naked dance of betraying “a Party that has given Umahi and Ebonyi State so much.

In a statement made available to 9News Nigeria , Mr. Chidiebere said Governor Umahi is now at his wits end and should be held accountable if anything happens to him, his family, relatives and well-wishers as well as the youths, elders and leaders of PDP.

Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi in trouble

The PDP Youth Leader said Governor Umahi who ordinarily should be most cautious in order to allow the heads of security agencies to properly conduct their investigations, has become both the accuser and the judge in a matter as crucial as security by virtue of these allegations levelled against him.

The statement reads in parts,

“It has become very expedient that I react to the unwarranted attack on my person by the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Nweze Umahi. The State’s Chief Executive in a recent meeting with the Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Zone 9, Etem Ene Okon in Abakaliki claimed in a viral audio message to his guests that my humble self, alongside other prominent leaders of my great Party- the People’s Democratic Party should be held responsible for attacks on security agencies by bandits and unknown gunmen in the State.”

“In the said viral audio message, Governor Umahi who ordinarily should be most cautious in order to allow the heads of security agencies to properly conduct their investigations, has become both the accuser and the judge in a matter as crucial as security by virtue of these phantom allegations.”

“Let me go down memory lane…”

“My frustrating journey with Umahi since 2014…”

“It bears placing on record that my relationship with the Governor started in 2014 when he first beckoned on me to work with him. Through my singular effort, I galvanized a platform known as Ebonyi Youth Liberation Forum- a frontline youth’s platform that eventually brought the ungrateful emperor to power in 2015.”

“Even as I express my profound regrets over my decision to have ever supported a complete ingrate like Umahi, I wish to recall that it was my very unique role that made him to appoint me as a State’s Youth leader of the PDP in the first instance. Having discharged my responsibilities creditably as a Youth leader and with the overwhelming confidence on my person by my then leader, he in his archetypal self now wanted me promoted and I was eventually elected as the Zonal Youth leader of the PDP in the South East even though some sinister motives were behind this his decision.”

“Having garnered more trusts and further confidence of my then principal, it is worthy to remind that I was again, one of the firsts to be appointed a Technical Assistant to the Governor on internal security- during which period I personally took it upon myself to ensure Ebonyi was peaceful and very safe for the residents.”

“I was not only highly commended by my then boss, I was also further elevated to the position of a Special Assistant to the Governor on Internal Security (Urban), during which period there was yet a very peaceful ambience in the State and of course, I was never found wanting in the discharge of my duties.”

“I was also further elevated to the position of a Care-Taker Chairman of Ikwo Local Government Area before being returned to my former position as SA on Internal Security, (Urban). It was at this juncture that the ungrateful benefactor of our great Party- the PDP now decided to embark on his ‘lone’ defection to the ruling APC. He beckoned on me to join him in the naked dance of betraying a Party that has given himself and myself and particularly our dear Ebonyi State so much but I turned it down and blatantly refused to abandon my Party.”

“Umahi, now afraid of his shadows, deserves psychiatric evaluation”

“It is not a surprise however to those who truly know him as they would readily attest to the fact that Governor Umahi may be terribly addicted to too many substances that is of course influencing and affecting the way and manner he speaks anytime he picks up the microphone in public.”

“The discerning public would recall that since November 19, 2020 when the Governor eventually defected to the APC, his utterances has at best been targeted at PDP leaders in the State with a true intent to hound, harass and clamp down on our prominent Party men and women that made him what he is today. It was shortly after his defection that Umahi labelled peace-loving leaders of our Party as sponsors of IPOB, terrorists and cultists- an allegation that has remained unsubstantiated till date.”

“This latest accusation which he may have thought would frighten our Party leaders and members who have kept surging in leaps and bounds despite his threats is coming at a time he has brazenly equipped his thugs- now christened ‘Ebubeagu’ Security Network with guns, machetes and charms through his widely announced registered native Doctors, among other dangerous weapons to dare, accuse, threaten and kill his perceived political opponents. Ebonyi under his watch is fast descending into a total anarchy with innocent citizens now living in perpetual fear.”

“He is yet to deny these facts which have already been published in several national dailies even as his wild dogs continue to brandish their weapons on social media. There is no other way to describe his present state of mind than the fact that the Governor is now afraid of his shadows as he continues to lose grip and trust of the citizens as the day passes by. Power is transient and it is Umahi’s inability to successfully pass through this School of thought that is his greatest undoing.”

“Truly, the rampaging Emperor Umahi deserves pity and I quickly wish to recommend that he immediately concludes the hospital he is building in his Uburu hometown and equip particularly the Psychiatric unit for his urgent treatment and attention!”

“I dare him that I, our leaders and teeming PDP Youths are not afraid…”

“I recall the numerous efforts that Umahi has made to distract and destabilize our Party since his defection to the APC to no avail. Having failed therefore, Umahi has now continued to press his panic buttons by dishing out threats, assaults and vituperative attacks on PDP leaders in the State whose only crime is staying true to the PDP.”

“Obviously, power-drunk Umahi must have seen first, the growing strengths of our Party and its leaders in the State and is now more frustrated that even many of those he met in his new found APC are unwilling to play his cards. But I wish to state and REITERATE CATEGORICALLY THAT I AM NOT, I repeat, I will NEVER BE AFRAID just like our leaders, of neither the growing intimidations of the Emperor nor his devilish antics.”

“I only wish to call on the security chiefs to not only ignore his wanton allegations as they are all wild goose chase but they must continue to remain professional and ethical in their day-to-day conducts, not pandering to the dangerous whims and caprices of Umahi. Such, as they may enquire from their predecessors could only mar them. My admonition to them therefore is hinged on what I saw written on a Lorry: Be careful, (with Umahi), for many has gone!”

“And to some of the Ebonyi youths who have become willing instruments for the perpetuation of attacks on individuals perceived by the Hitler as his enemies, I wish to caution them to not only thread carefully but with utmost caution. They should recall that many of the youth platforms including those which brought him to power such as Ebonyi Youth Liberation Forum and even the much-touted Akubaraoha Youth Assembly are now all shadows of their original selves. Of course, it is on record that the greedy Ebonyi Emperor has never made any Ebonyi youth rich or even relevant including those he promised to make millionaires during the deceptive Ebonyi ENDSARS Youth Summit.”

“May I finally call on first of all; the Police, DSS, Nigerian Military and indeed, all security agencies including Human Rights and international bodies to HOLD UMAHI RESPONSIBLE for anything that happens to my humble self, my family, relatives and well-wishers as well as the youths, elders and leaders of my great Party- the PDP! I urge them to remain law abiding and go about their routine businesses as there is definitely no cause for alarm and neither can we suddenly become afraid of the masquerade we masked.”

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