Governor Uzodinma’s aide Sir Modestus Nwamkpa, has reacted to the recent press release of Senator Okorocha’s media Adviser, Sam Onwuemedo as regards to ex-Governor speech on Channels TV on spending N500M on IPOB during his time.

In his reaction, Governor Uzodinma’s Aide on Print media , Sir Nwamkpa said that all Onwuemedo said was wrong.

Sir Modestus Nwamkpa
Sir Modestus Nwamkpa

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I read what I can manage to describe as a press release this afternoon signed by Mr Sam Onwuemeodo ostensibly on behalf of his boss Sen Rochas Okorocha.

In all fairness, the said press release could not have ordinarily attracted my response or that of the current government because, in my estimation it was only intended to correct what Okorocha said or did not say during his Channels TV interview especially as it regards to the alleged statement by the ex Governor on spending N500M on IPOB during his time.

However, what actually attracted my attention in that release were two issues: one was the false accusation leveled against the Shared Prosperity government of making such false statement. Secondly, was the statement where he said that the government of Sen Hope Uzodimma added ‘virus’ to what he described as ‘superlative’ outing of Sen Okorocha that day.

Well, let me say that, in my life, I always have that burden in me not to allow falsehood pass under the bridge from any quarter under any guise. Again, I vow that I will not allow anybody to spew out lies or falsehood against this government or its performing Governor Uzodimma unchallenged. I do it mainly because of the unsuspecting reading public who may be deceived into taking Orange for a Grape. This is because evil triumph in any society when good men keep quiet.

Quickly, let me say that there was no time the government of Senator Uzodimma accused Okorocha of making any statement like that as falsely alleged by Sam Onwuemeodo. At least not to my knowledge. Senator Uzodimma’s government does not believe or indulge in frivolous or unverifiable allegation. Although, this was what the government of Okorocha was doing consistently during their time which resulted in several court cases against them and Mr Onwuemeodo himself as Okorocha’s CPS. Recall, that they made false allegations against Chief Ikedi Ohakim and Chief Mike Ahamba (SAN) among others and the both men dragged Onwuemeodo to court and the matter is still pending in court till date. So we don’t behave like them.

The truth is that that Okorocha’s last Sunday outing at Channel TV ‘PoliticsToday’ was, to say the least riddled with homongous lies, half truth and falsehood. It has received and continued to receive wide condemnation from the public. For instance, Okorocha made the following statements which are conspicuously false and irritating:

  1. He said that his becoming Governor made him poorer which even Onwuemeodo himself knows was a big lie and laughable..
  2. He said he never acquired any extra property in Imo as Governor which was also lies (Okporokpo ashi). Perhaps, he forgot Old IBC land and others.
  3. He said he performed better than late Dee Sam Mbakwe and all other past Governors put together. Again, this is a big lie.
  4. He said he built 27 general hospital. Nwanne, isn’t this a big lie? Mr Sam Onwuemeodo, iam asking you.
  5. He said the seized Royal Palm Hotel he built with state funds belongs to his wife. This is akin to one swimming with his face beneath the water while his back is outside the water. This is also another big lies.
  6. He said that his properties have been burnt in Imo by Governor Uzodimma. Please tell me if this is true or false. Etc So these were some of the opens lies Sen Okorocha vomited not the issue of paying N500m to IPOB. He only said he paid N500M to Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta Militants. Anyway, i don’t want to talk about that one here.

In any case, there was no time the current government made any allegation against Okorocha falsely. At best, that angle was imputed or imported by Sam Onwuemeodo and his boss just to divert attention and I will not allow them to have their way. NEVER!

Finally, I want the public to know that whatever we say is always the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If we say we have paid workers, please go and verify we did. If we say we inherited empty purse, go and check it is true. If we say we have built 23 quality roads and 23 other ongoing, it is true etc.

I want to tell Onwuemeodo and Ndi Agburu Rochas that we are not like them and we can never be like them. God forbid! They should stop spewing out lies always because it does not pay. You were lying when you were in government and also you are living by the same lies outside government.

This thing na curse?Nwamkpa frowned.

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