Insecurity In Nigeria Is Becoming Worrisome And Alarming, Says Amb Emmalex.

Insecurity in Nigeria is becoming worrisome and alarming.

Amb Emmalex David Atseyinku has called on the Federal, States and Local Governments to find a lasting solution over the insecurity situation in the country.

In a statement, signed by himself in Port Harcourt, Amb Emmalex, described the insecurity challenges in the country as incomprehensibly sordid, undeserving and unscrupulous to Nigerians who expected safety at the least from elected leaders.

The killings and damages orchestrated by the bandits and herdsmen are becoming unbearable and unbelievable in all fathomable contexts. Many lives and properties worth billions of naira have been destroyed and annihilated.

“The Duty of the government is to protect lives and properties, irrespective of the political parties that may be in power. The level of indecency and indecorous state of the security system in the country is absolutely perturbing and needs proper attention and total overhauling from the top to the least.

No nation in the world today can make any meaningful progress and developments if the security system is under siege and compromised. The violence and destructions are just too much and we must come to terms and love one another irrespective of our political affiliations, tribe and culture.

Kidnapping has become one major challenge that has crippled the economic system in the country.

The federal and state governments must collaborate with the established religious and traditional institutions to build community resilience against terrorism.

“I urge the security agency, the police, Army and Local Vigilante to be fair in delivering their duties. The desired and flourishing country we all want to see can only come to pass when we work together in love and harmony,” he stated.

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