Interesting Solitaire Variations to Keep You Entertained

Interesting Solitaire Variations to Keep You EntertainedInteresting Solitaire Variations to Keep You Entertained

Are you bored with the classic Solitaire? Then, play these unique Solitaire versions that are meant to awaken your senses ― literally. These games take the traditional Solitaire online into a more entertaining yet perplexing experience. And if you’re ready to challenge yourself, here are the most interesting options you can try.

Power Solitaire VR                  

Power Spider Solitaire Masters VR is technically the same as Klondike. This game comes with a deck of 52 cards. Then, there will be 7 piles on the tableau with 1 face-up card each. The leftmost pile only has 1 card, then the second has 2 cards, and so on. The remaining cards will be used as a stock for reserves, which you can use during the course of the game. On top of that, there will be 4 foundations and a waste pile.

The main objective is to transfer all cards to their corresponding foundations ― diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades. As a challenge, you have to follow the ascending order when building those final piles, they should start from Aces and be finished with Kings. On the other hand, when making sequences on the tableau, you have to go from Kings to Aces. Another thing to take into account when playing Klondike is the color of the cards. You need to alternate them, between black and red.

British Constitution

If you’re up for a long yet amusing Solitaire Masters game, try the British Constitution. This one is played by getting rid of the Kings and Queens from the stock. There will be 8 piles and 5 rows of cards. The piles at the top-most row are considered the foundation piles, or the “government”, built from Aces to Jacks.

The next three rows should ascend through each row until such time they reach the top-most so that they can be played. The bottom row is called the “people row” and its empty cells are filled automatically. Also, there’s no re-deal when playing British Constitution, making it more challenging. Without a doubt, this is one of the most intriguing Solitaire card games you can find online at Solitaire Masters.


Are you a fan of Klondike? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss the distinct variation of the beloved game through Whitehead that is also available at Solitaire Masters. This follows the basic rules of Solitaire like building foundation suits in ascending order, building tableau suits in descending order, and making use of the stock of reserves.

The game itself is like Klondike, but with the exception of the re-deal button. Yep, no re-deal option, which means a wrong move is a wrong move. You have to make the most out of your choices. So, even if the rules are pretty straightforward, this unique feature makes it tough to win. Therefore, you have to create strategies to accomplish this free Solitaire game.


So, do you want to step up your gaming experience? Play Solitaire with a touch of uniqueness through the above-mentioned games. All these come with inimitable features that add more fun and excitement to your playing hours. And because of their specifics, these might become your favorite Solitaire variations.

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