Justice For Iniobong Umoren Must Not Be Delayed: YNN Urges Police To Investigate And Prosecute Culprit(s) Accordingly

PRESS RELEASES: Justice For Iniobong Umoren Must Not Be Delayed: Police SCIID Should Quickly Conduct Forensic Investigation And Prosecute The Culprit(s) Accordingly.

Over the past few days the South South Regional Secretariat of Youths For New Nigeria (YNN) have been inundated with various reports concerning the gruesome murder of one Ms. Iniobong Umoren (a fresh graduate from the university of Uyo). She was reported to have met her untimely death in the hands of one Mr. Uduak Frank Akpan who is alleged to have hacked her to death under the pretends of an online job offer.

Our hearts bleeds more over this incident knowing that Ms. Iniobong Umoren is said to be a Second Class (Upper Division) candidate who could have been mobilized later this month for the compulsory one year National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) along with her mates but for this brutal fate she suffered while in search of a legitimate means of livelihood.

Justice For Iniobong Umoren Must Not Be Delayed- YNN Urges Police To Investigate And Prosecute Culprit(s) Accordingly
Justice For Iniobong Umoren Must Not Be Delayed- YNN Urges Police To Investigate And Prosecute Culprit(s) Accordingly

Following investigation from security agencies it is becoming clearer that this Mr. Uduak Frank Akpan have been in business for a while now as a serial rapist and cold-blooded murderer who harvest the human body parts from his victims for reasons which can best be ascertained through a thorough forensic investigation. We make bold to also assume that he may not be working alone.

It is obvious that this particular murder has helped to expose the beastiality inherent in Mr. Uduak Frank Akpan and probably his paymasters may at this point be trying to pull up every string within their cycle of influence to scuttle further investigation of the case and possibly silent the voice of justice.

Our fear as expressed above could be rightly justified going by various reports of unsolved murder cases in the past. It is our prayers that this case would open the door for the Investigation Unit in the Nigeria Police Force, State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) to fully take over coordination and conduct a thorough forensic investigation with the view of apprehending everyone culpable in the case and prosecuting them accordingly with a patriotic sense of transparency. This is more so to help curtail further upsurge in murder incidences across the country and indeed assure Nigerians that the Police have finally began to overcome those seemingly inhibitive factors relating to it’s investigative procedures and undue influence from external actors.

We also call on the Nigerian National Assembly to exercise its constituted powers in revisiting and supervising investigations into dormant cases of previous unsolved murders through its committees on police affairs, public safety and national security.

We stand to firmly emphasize the fact that a serial rapist & cold-blooded murderer has no place In this 21st Century Society. Hence we demand #Justice4IniobongUmoren and every other Nigerian Youth that has suffered the same fate.

We hereby invite all machinery of Government who are involved in the prosecution of cases like this to kindly note that justice delayed maybe construed to mean justice denied.

Thank You

Prince Otu Arikpo
South-South Regional Coordinator,
Youths For New Nigeria (YNN)

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