Krayzie Bone – The Last Blunt

Download The Last Blunt Mp3 by Krayzie Bone

Krayzie Bone is a veteran when it comes to the bud-smoking, having paid homage to the herb time and again throughout his Bone Thugs and solo output. Now, he’s taking his appreciation to new heights, gearing up for the launch of his new strain “First Of The Month” with the new album Leaves Of Legend. In honor of the Bone Thugs veteran, it feels appropriate to dive into one of the project’s literal highlights, a song that finds the melodic Cleveland spitter ascending and “The Last Blunt”

Taking to the vibey production with practiced ease, it’s clear that not even the most potent bud can dull Krayzie’s sharpened flow. “Them other weed strands we ran them out, the legend ain’t playing around,” he raps, his cadence blending with the atmospheric production. “They better hear me cause clearly I’m saying it loud, I’m the new brand in town / n***a we smoke, you can’t be standin’ around, unless you’re sharing a pound.”

Listen Download The Last Blunt Mp3 by Krayzie Bone Below:


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