Learn WordPress Using the Best Free Tools Available for Beginners

I’ve recommended WordPress several times to friends and family members. I decided to write this post to back up my recommendation with support options!


In 2019 most of the popular website platforms offer free websites and a host of free tools for beginners learning to create new websites or blogs. No one in the industry would argue the claims that the WordPress platform is the largest (by a pretty significant margin too!)

Many people are surprised to learn how widespread the use of WordPress is!
I hadn’t realized just how huge WordPress is!

WordPress achieved such lofty goals by maintaining it’s platform as open source. This in turn led to the creation of legendary numbers of resources both for uniqueness in site ‘styling’ and for learning how to use those resources. The vast majority of the tools available for learning to use WordPress continue the ‘open source’ tradition and are free for any and all to use.

While the same can’t be said for site building resources, after all web coders need to eat too…the sheer volume of material developed so far surpasses anything that even remotely competes. Because the ‘open source’ mentality permeates this too…I think I can confidently state that no other web platform can approach the sheer volume of free design resources that are available at WordPress.

When I first began using WordPress I’d come from the much smaller platform of Weebly. At that time Weebly’s Beginner Tutorials were somewhat lacking…a situation which has been corrected in 2019. But for some reason they were much easier to find than WordPress’s too. Looking back this problem was simply because there were too many options available to me to look for answers.

One Downside of Being the Biggest

I discovered how much the WordPress platform is used web-wide and world-wide right around the time I began using it myself. One problem with such significant user numbers is that there’s so many online resources it’s nearly impossible at first to choose the right ones. Primarily because it’s hard at first to know which ones are the best ones (or at least are quality options) and which ones to stay away from.

After roughly 4 years of my using WordPress I recently realized that I’ve developed an impressive array of personal ‘go to‘ tools for when I need to learn how to accomplish something new. The same wasn’t truewhen I was a beginner at WordPress. I initially struggled a lot to find the right learning resources. But now I know immediately where to go for various kinds of information.

Assuming that the same holds true for newcomers today I thought it might be helpful to share my favorite ‘go to‘ resources with others who might be just starting out at WordPress.

My ‘Go To’ List of Free Tools for Learning the WordPress Platform

One reason there are so many great tools right now is because WordPress recently completely overhauled their web-building engine. As a consequence WordPress themselves created a complete new set of tools for even experienced users to learn this new platform.

WP’s Blogging University offers a ton of highly useful self-guided tutorials for both beginners and experienced site creators. You can see the types of courses offered in the screenshot below. To date I’ve only taken one of these courses. But I plan on taking more of these courses because they are constantly evolving and new ones are being added all the time. The one course I did take was so much better than I’d anticipated! It just requires time…a resource I have precious little of!

Even Though Blogging U,Offers Self-Guided Courses There's Still an Instructor and a Class Forum Available to All Attendees if Desired
Even though Blogging U offers self-guided courses they generally still offer an instructor and a class forum that’s available to all attendees if desired.

The significance of having a real live person that you can direct your questions too and a forum of students also taking any given course can’t be overstated. In both cases I found those aspects to be the ones I learned the most from.

Like the Blogging University’s tools, the support site’s articles are vast in number and well written. I did pretty much all of my learning using this one resource.

1 WordPress tool I loved!

A second option for using WordPress Support is their ‘Topic Index.’ This is generally my main resource now.

Each topic on the right expands to something resembling the more detailed tools on the left In this screenshot.
Each topic on the right expands to something resembling the more detailed tools on the left In this screenshot.

WP’s Happiness Engineers have adequately answered just about any question I’ve ever thrown at them through the years. Whether or not the answers I received were via email or instant online chats, the quality of their assistance has been undeniably very effective.

WP's Happiness Engineers
WP’s Happiness Engineers
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