Listen To Overcoats’ New Track, ‘Blame It On Me’ Ft. Lawrence Rothman


Following the 2020 release of The Fight, Overcoats have embarked on a new chapter with their upcoming EP, ‘Used To Be Scared Of The Dark’, available through Loma Vista Recordings. Lawrence Rothman (sibling of The Fight producer Yves Rothman) lent deep, passionate vocals to their new single, the reflective “Blame It On Me”, which you can check out below.

Overcoats said: “Blame It on Me” was written in the era of writing for The Fight, and it’s a continuation of those themes. It’s about feeling stuck in a relationship or situation that you don’t have the strength to leave – or just really want to make work. There are sounds of kids playing at the background to symbolize the innocence and purity you thought love had, before you realized it was complicated, messy, and sometimes a little dark. Lawrence Rothman’s deep voice sounds so amazing on this track and really makes the song feel like a conversation between a couple in a really magical way.”

Lawrence Rothman added: “I was living in a house for a few months in England next to Cotchford Farm, the home once owned by the author A.A. Milne of Winnie The Pooh and where [The Rolling Stones‘]Brian Jones died. It was my first time leaving during COVID, and during the 3 nights there, I recorded my vocals for “Blame It On Me”. I was alone in isolation but recording that vocal helped bring my spirits up.”

Overcoats’ new EP revels in resolutions and the resulting self-growth. It’s about honoring the past uphill battles and acknowledging current feelings, but searching for stability. It’s a heartwarming exhale and an acceptance of the unknown, even as they revisit mistakes and recognize the messiness of their emotions.

‘Used To Be Scared Of The Dark’ follows their remixed and extended edition of The Fight, which features reworked tracks from Shura, Porches, Caroline Rose, SASAMI, Yumi Zouma and more. The Fight was released in 2020 via Loma Vista Recordings, and received acclaim from The New York Times, NPR, Paste and more.

‘Used To Be Scared Of The Dark’ EP can be pre-ordered here.

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