In this special piece, I wish to bring to the people of the world an undiluted message that will improve our healthy and sincere living on this planet earth while we wait for eternity and the glorious call.

Mankind must comprehend the totality of this new beginning that Jesus is Lord. And therefore whatever we do on this earth must surely return back to us as karma stands.

A call in the right direction is for us to be very careful of life and rest our life in peace while living before death could knock at our various doors in various ways and at different times.

Meanwhile, the grave that awaits everyone on this planet earth calls for repentance and peaceful living.

What if the time comes now?

Can you imagine? That General Attahiru prayed Jumaah in Abuja. Powerful, strong, highly influential, controller of enormous resources in men & finance, fit, hale & hearty. Less than 5 hours later, he was dead in Kaduna.

His Chief of Staff reportedly called his wife who lives in Kaduna, that he was coming home. She was to only see him in a coffin instead.

His ADC, Major Hayat is reported to have phoned his mother, that he will be breaking his sitta shawwal fast with food from her pot in Kaduna. He never made it home; never got to eat that mama’s food.

Pilot Olufade got married barely two months ago. Probably still in honeymoon mode. The happy new wife had no way of knowing she’ll be a widow in 2 months. He didn’t plan to be dead so soon.

The other pilot is reported to be preparing for his own wedding, introductions conducted already. He will never know the joy of getting married to his sweetheart.

Are you still ‘planning’ to do good? Are you still ‘thinking’ whether to fulfill your promises or not? Or are you still harboring hate, envy, resentment towards family, friends and colleagues? Are you still ‘plotting & scheming’ for that position, that contract? Do you still think you need to trample on others in order to rise? Or to be harsh, rude, deceitful & cunning?

This is beyond politics, greed, avarice, religion, sex, tribe, tradition, beauty, corruption, criminality, demonic practices, killings, family background, educational feat, social status and future plans. All of the above ends in the grave pics below.


Akahan was a 30-year-old, who was appointed as Nigeria’s chief of army staff a couple of months before his death, in May, 1967.

It was the inception of the Nigerian civil war, Akahan, after a visit to the frontline in Nsukka, returned to his hometown in Gboko for a brief rest.

He then commenced the journey back to Makurdi, Benue state capital.

He had barely left his native land when the helicopter conveying him crashed.

He and two pilots in the aircraft did not survive the crash.

Recall that these gallant officers had some plans and private schedules too.


Alao died at the age of 32, just two years into service as Nigeria’s chief of air staff.

He showed promise and intent as he was one of the young officers who was capable of taking the wheel of the Nigerian Air Force from foreign hands and leading it successfully.

He died in active duty while taking a solo flight in an L-29 aircraft. He encountered bad weather somewhere around Benin and ran out of fuel while straining to navigate the fog.

His attempt to make an emergency landing was terminated by trees and the aircraft crashed. He did not survive it.


Unlike others on this list, Azazi died after he had left service.

He was first appointed chief of army staff in 2006 by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Then he was named chief of defence staff by the administration that came after, led by the late Musa Yar’Adua.

He was replaced by Paul Dike in 2008 and he retired from the military subsequently.

He was tapped to be the national security adviser (NSA) by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2010.

He was sacked in June 2012 owing to the rising security challenges in the north.

Just a few months later, he died in a helicopter crash around Okoroba Village in Bayelsa. He was aboard the aircraft with Patrick Yokowa, former governor of Kaduna, and none of them survived.

They were returning to Port Harcourt airport after attending the burial ceremony of the father of Oronto Douglas, a special adviser to Jonathan on research and documentation.


The 54-year-old only replaced Tukur Burutai as chief of army staff in January.

As the country’s security situation worsened, some Nigerians called for the removal of the service chiefs, and President Muhammadu Buhari heeded.

Attahiru was appointed alongside Lucky Irabor, chief of defence staff; Zubairu Gambo, chief of naval staff; Isiaka Amao, chief of air staff.

Attahiru was on an official trip from Abuja to Kaduna when the aircraft encountered inclement weather, according to military authorities.

He and his entourage of 10 officers died as the aircraft nosedived aground. LIFE IS A MOMENTARY SPARK ON EARTH, LIVE CAREFULLY AND JUSTILY.

We have to therefore rest yourself in peace while living. Think it!! May God have mercy as we meditate and guide us as we continue to live on earth.

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