Naira closes week stronger to the dollar

Naira closed the week stronger to the dollar after four days of trading at the I&E window of the foreign exchange market.

Naira had opened the week weaker to the dollar after Tuesday’s trading at N410.50, but on Friday data posted on the FMDQ Security Exchange where forex is officially traded showed naira exchange at N409.00.

Friday’s exchange rate represents a 0.16 per cent appreciation from N409.65, the rate at which the naira closed on Thursday.

Similarly, forex turnover increased week on week increase from $35.55 million on Thursday last week to $55.21 million.

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Although Friday turnover represents a drop by 41.07 per cent, from the $93.69 million posted on April 8th.

Market participants during Friday’s trading bid for dollar between N395.00 and N420.00.

In the unofficial market however, the naira remained unchanged against the U.S. dollar according to data posted by abokiFX.

The data posted showed that the naira closed at N485.00 at the black market on Friday, the same rate it exchanged hands since the start of the month.

At the end of Friday’s trading the difference between the unofficial market and the I&E window exchange rate stood at N76.

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