Nathaniel Rateliff Announces Live Album, ‘Red Rocks 2020,’ Releases ‘Mavis’

Rateliff Red Rocks

Red Rocks 2020, the forthcoming live album from Nathaniel Rateliff, is set for release on July 16 via Stax Records. Today, Rateliff unveiled “Mavis.” The 18-track live record was recorded in an empty Red Rocks Amphitheatre during Rateliff’s mid-September run of socially distanced shows, which was limited to 125 attendees per night in the 9400-capacity venue.

“We started out 2020 very excited. The solo record was out and me and most of the guys in the Night Sweats were going hit the road to present the songs to the world. We were looking forward to performing the songs together with a string quartet and how it was going to make us better band. We had some of our favorite songwriters and friends hitting the road with us. With a grand finale at Red Rocks with Kevin Morby and Damien Jurado. Then the world came to stand still,” says Rateliff.

“The songs on And It’s Still Alright are about finding hope in times of struggles, and now it seemed the whole world was struggling. So, few months into the pandemic we started to wonder if there was a way to bring the show we worked so hard on to everyone. If you can’t find a light you have to create one. Somehow, we were able to play 6 nights at Red Rocks with the full 10-piece band and the production we had created for the show.

Kevin Morby and Katie Crutchfield drove out from Missouri to join us. Five of the night had 175 people and one night we filmed to an empty amphitheater that normally holds 10.000 people. It was beautiful to be there, even if it was 175 people. But the night we recorded this record it was heartbreaking. It was a realization that our world had changed and maybe forever. Needless to say, it was a hard night to make it through. But we did it and now we are bringing it to you,” he furthers.

Pre-order Nathaniel Rateliff’s Red Rocks 2020, out July 16.


Nathaniel Rateliff ― Red Rocks 2020 Tracklist:

1. Tonight #2
2. All Or Nothing
3. Expecting To Lose
4. Shroud
5. You Need Me
6. Right On
7. What A Drag
8. Still Out There Running
9. Early Spring Till
10. Kissing Our Friends
11. Oil & Lavender
12. This
13. There Is A War
14. Mavis
15. Still Trying
16. And It’s Still Alright
17. Time Stands
18. Rush On

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