Nigeria and COVID-19 vaccine conundrum

In 1999 at the threshold of the New Millennium the corporate world was held spell bound by a campaign blitz about the inevitable crash of computer systems and the collateral danger to human existence. The buzz word the world over then was Y2K compliance. There were so many cataclysmic predictions against noncompliance. It was as if the world would come to an abrupt end by midnight of 31st December, 1999. Everybody fell for it especially as the campaigns came from respected voices, global institutions and multinational giants. Little did the unsuspecting hostage audience know that behind all the fuss was the vested interest of computer firms interested in marketing their wares to the pliant corporate world. Then came 1st January, 2000, the world did not cease to exist; the moon did not drop from space neither did the other planets but the world seamlessly progressed into a new year, a new decade, a new century and a new millennium. 

Today, as the campaign for the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccine rages, indications are that the world may be experiencing the worst level of simulation. The whole world not the corporate world this time but nay the whole humanity is witnessing a more deadly and terrifying rehash of the 1999 glitzy campaign, this time with lethal threats. The campaign this time is not just from corporate giants but from governments and international agencies and the aim is to coax humans into taking the said COVID-19 vaccine. 

In January, 2020, the world woke up to the shocking and macabre news of the outbreak of corona virus disease 2019 otherwise known as COVID-19 in Wuhai China after almost decade-long predictive programming activities as experts observed. And after this, the fireworks began. The disease was declared a pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO). The whole world followed the same pattern and protocol. First was the epidemiologic response, and then followed by lockdown, government palliatives and stimulus packages. Businesses were closed down and human movement restricted locally and internationally while we were being pre-warned of the coming of the second wave of the disease. 

In the midst of the upheaval, some experts came up with the finding that hydroxychloroquine is a potent cure for the disease but this was allegedly suppressed by WHO and other forces intent on spreading the panic, fueling the speculation of conspiracy and complicity. The official narrative is that the COVID-19 is real, deadly, spreading and intractable and unless the vaccine is administered, there is no respite. The narrative is loud and deafening. On daily basis there are terrifying news and figures of global infections and deaths ostensibly from COVID-19 infections reeled out and are analyzed by too-know media experts to the bewildered global audience.

But there is alternative hypothesis from “cynics” which states that the whole COVID-19 conundrum is a scam designed to hoodwink the world for the pecuniary gains of some death merchants intent on creating a new world order. The conspiracy theory harps on the globalist’s insidious desire to latch in on the situation to create a global tyranny by forcing the world to take a vaccine hastily produced without the needed safety procedures and whose efficacy has not been tested or authenticated, that would enable them control the world affairs as never before. To this effect, there are allegations of bribery and settlement of health workers, big media organizations, international agencies and various governments to compromise in order to enforce their nefarious agenda.

It is said that people are deliberately murdered in the hospitals with the active connivance of “settled” or ignorant health officers; all deaths now are attributed to COVID-19 complications. Medical cures and dissenting comments on the said vaccine are suppressed and censored in the big media. Only the narratives from the sponsors are allowed to flow down to the disillusioned world through the big media organizations owned, controlled or settled by the merchants of death. All medical officers are forced to follow the same narrative while non-compliant medical experts are intimidated and threatened.

All these are to compel people to accept the COVID-19 vaccine. But some experts are skeptical about the said vaccine. The vaccine is alleged to be a chemical weapon that will irreversibly alter human DNA. As one report puts it, the vaccine “contains nanotechnology that connects us to artificial intelligence and initiates a process of trans-humanism, making us hybrids that will lose the ability to think freely.”

The questions on the lips of people now are: how could they have hurriedly developed a curative vaccine within one year of the spread of the disease if it not pre-planned? If it was that easy, to develop vaccine why hasn’t the world developed vaccines for diseases like diabetes, cancer or asthma and other terminal diseases? Where is the said vaccine tested and what are the possible side effects?

As strange and as novel as the conspiracy theory angle is, it seems very real. I have carefully sieved through some reports and expert opinion on this matter. I have also seen video clips of experts including some African leaders spoke about it. The whole din about COVID-19 pandemic is a scam; a simulation carefully designed to coax the world into taking a lethal vaccine that will mutate human DNA. Indeed, the events prior to the outbreak of the disease, the ensuing intrigues, the suppression of the cure, and the continued holler about the second wave when the so-called pandemic began indicate that the whole thing was premeditated.  It indicates that the proponents of this plot have plans and timelines set for the implementation of their sinister plans. The lockdown was created to create panic and to destroy peoples’ means of livelihood in order to create uncertainty and make people pliant in order to submit to taking the lethal vaccine and to rely on government’s “guaranteed income” for survival. 

Moreover, the world is not new to this kind of lethal deception. When the HIV/AIDS scourge first came some conscientious experts said it was manufactured in the lab but some dismissed the idea as a hoax but some decades later those behind the invention of the biological weapon confessed to their crime. 

At the epicenter of all of these is a man called Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, a famed software expert and vaccine dealer who has made his fortune from selling computer software and vaccines. In the past there were suppressed reports of the havoc caused by his vaccines across the globe. From India to Mexico, from Philippine to South Africa and from Afghanistan to Nicaragua it was the same gory tale but in the media, he is presented as a benevolent philanthropist globally. Already Mr. Bill Gates is said to have acquired the patent to develop and deploy digital I/D that would enable contact tracing, biometric recognitions etc. for those that would take the vaccine.

In Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa are said to be chosen as the launching place of COVID-19 vaccine. I have listened to the Ghanaian leader express skepticism about the vaccine, the Zambian President and the President of Mauritius too. But in Nigeria, the case is different. And for a visionless and idealess government that we have in Nigeria at present, that goes cap-in-hand all over the world begging for loan, it will be quite easy to goad it into compliance. For instance, in December, 2020 the National Assembly (NASS) passed a law prescribing jail term for anyone who refused to wear face mask in public. Already the bill for the acquisition of the COVID-19 vaccine has passed the second reading. People are being forced to link their National Identity Number (NIN) to their phone numbers preparatory to digital identification. They may also extend it to bank account numbers. There is also the possibility that when the bill is passed they may state that you need the COVID-19 vaccination certificate to travel, go to school, be in public places, do government business…I will also not be surprised if criticism and comments about the vaccine are outlawed in Nigeria. 


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Of course, for a government known for its lethargy and insensitivity to the yearnings of the citizens, a government that borrowed funds for palliatives and refused to give to the hungry citizens when it mattered most to be pushing aggressively for the vaccine which potency or safety has not been authenticated smacks of fraud. Can a government as unresponsive as the current Nigeria regime be pushing for this vaccine aggressively the way it is doing without external inducement? Obviously, the answer is emphatic no.

Nigeria has more problem than the COVID-19 issue. There is hunger and insecurity. Nigeria needs security and hunger vaccine more than COVID-19 vaccine. Nigeria needs a responsible leadership that will protect and care for the people.

We must all be vigilant and seek to know exactly what is behind this asphyxiating campaign for the COVID-19 vaccine. Is the push for the said vaccine based really on the desire to save humanity from the scourge of virus disease or to serve the vested interest of those who feel it is their right to control world affairs? 

The conspiracy theorists have told us and rightly too that the aim is to establish a new world order. It is also said that they want to reduce world population to a manageable proportion of less than one billion to enable the occult powers behind all these to effectively exercise control over world affairs. Thus, the COVID-19 issue is an organized pandemic or “plandemic” as it is now known. But, where does humanity go from here? Is this the beginning of the apocalyptic age? Can the world survive this onslaught? Only time will tell.

Author: Gozie Irogboli 

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