NIGERIA: It is time to know these unknown Gunmen and take a known action- SHEHU SANI


Former Nigerian senator, SHEHU SANI @ShehuSani has criticized prevailing Insecurity situations in the country and frowned at the Government for not fighting the menace head-on.

This statement was made while reacting to the sad news of the killing of Amhed Gulak in Owerri Imo state on Sunday 39-05:2921.

Our source told 9News Nigeria that the Senator had earlier frowned at the death of Ahmed Gulak who was reportedly killed in Imo alongside a Nasarawa lawmaker heading towards Kaduna from Akwanga alleged to be kidnapped within the week.

He however hinted that the way security is being challenged, road travels in some parts of the country have become a dangerous expedition and a hellish experience.

He however added that a local traditional chief communicated to him that same sunday, thirty minutes ago from the time of GULAK assassination in Imo, Bandits stormed Tegina village in Niger State.

In his words, “They came on motorbikes with heavy weapons and abducted many people and took them into the bush.Many of the inhabitants are now coming out from where they hide”

He futher condemned those who kill to trigger a war should be denied the machetes of revenge they wish to see, and be served with the scale and swords of the law they would detest.

On the contrary,an anonymous lambasted SANI and maintained that NIGERIANS must all stop these baseless insinuations that have no justification in the circumstances and search for truth instead.

He later threw up a challenge to the Government to tell the people who knew Gulaks itenerary? Who wanted him dead? Who benefits from his death?

Let’s start from there and stop this dangerous finger pointing, he said.

SHEHU SANI did not mince words to posit that the Bandits have repeatedly rubbish our intelligence system by proving that they can strike AT ANY TIME,vabduct ANY NUMBER of people and keep them as long as they want.

Things have not just gotten out of hands but out of legs and Brains, Senator SANI BERATES the urgly situation in NIGERIA.

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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