“Nnamdi Kanu Sent His Unknown Gunmen To Kill Me” – Ralph Uwazuruike

The leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Ralph Uwazuruike, has accused the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of “sending unknown gunmen to kill him”.

In a video obtained by 9news Nigeria, Uwazuruike said his security men gallantly repelled the unknown gunmen.

However, Uwazurike in the video said he is using the opportunity to remind Kanu that he trained him, brought him up, and all the Odeshi that his unknown gunmen are using, he taught him how to go about it.

He also reminded Nnamdi Kanu Kanu how he single handedly sponsored his wedding.

According to Uwazuruike, he gave Nnamdi Kanu #450,000 to do his wedding.

He noted that during Nnamdi Kanu’s wedding, he asked for Security from his sister who is currently with the Nigerian police. She provided enough security. but despite this, his men came to the venue and abducted Nnamdi Kanu without a gun.

He revealed that Kanu was in detention for five days, where he was taught to respect his elders but he still hasn’t learnt a lesson.

Uwazurike stated emphatically that Nnamdi Kanu is a NOBODY but a tool in the hands of the enemies of Biafra.

That Nnamdi Kanu only had one attack in his family house and ran away.

Uwazuruike said he has had numerous attacks and is still staying in the country

He said Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t have the interest of Biafla at heart.if not, why would he think of attacking him, Uwazurike who started the Biafla struggle about 40years ago?

He said “Nnamdi Kanu is feeling like the C in C because he has some efulefu’s following his command, I’m sorry for the recruits”.

He dared Nnamdi Kanu to come down to Nigeria and stay anywhere he so wishes, he will ensure that his men bring Nnamdi Kanu before him

He noted that the unknown gunmen are now known gunmen confessing all over the Internet.

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