Onana blames ‘human mistake’ after getting one-year ban for doping violation

Ajax and Cameroon goalkeeper, Andre Onana has explained how he found himself involved in doping scandal after being handed a one-year ban for violation.

Onana said he had mistaken his girlfriend’s medicine for aspirin because the packaging was “almost identical”, and that greatly regrets it.

The 24-year-old failed an out-of-competition drugs test in October when the banned substance furosemide was found in his urine sample.

In Onana’s statement on social media on Friday, he called his ban “excessive and disproportionate”, especially as UEFA had acknowledged that it was an unintentional mistake.

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“Everything was the result of a human mistake,” he wrote.

“Everyone knows that I lead a very healthy life, and since I started my sporting career, I have always been strongly against any use of doping and I condemn any unsportsmanlike conduct.

“I have no need to resort to doping to further enhance my sporting career.”

Meanwhile, Ajax and Onana will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against the suspension, imposed by the European football body.

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