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One of the parameters to measure a comfortable big man is his ability to use his wealth to assist the less endowed in the society. A big man in its right connotation, does not think lowly. Any man who is rich must not use his wealth to cause trouble or instigate such in his state else you are petty and a misplaced big man. And that is why I love Leo Stan Ekeh. He is exemplary and a quintessential gentle man.

Governor Hope Uzodinma and Leo Stan Ekeh
Governor Hope Uzodinma and Leo Stan Ekeh

This digital guru and the CEO of Zinox Group is an illustrious son of Imo state, not just in name but in action. He is an asset to the state by every stretch of assessment. He is open minded, well behaved, always helpful, thinks positively and respects himself. He is intelligent yet humble. He is excessively rich yet calm. All he thinks is how to better his society particularly his home state Imo and his operational base Lagos.

Perhaps, unknown to many people Chief Leo Stan donates huge sums of money running into over N250 million yearly on Lagos state government alone as his way of assisting the Lagos state government in maintaining security.

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma
Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma

However, Chief Leo Stan Ekeh is supporting Governor Hope Uzodimma to succeed having seen that the Governor is sincerely committed to developing the state using the scarce resources available to the state. As a development expert himself, he is deploying his resources and intellectual property in developing and helping his society. This is quite exemplary and worthy of emulation. Others would prefer to use their little money to be causing problem for the state just to destabilize the state and score no point.

Leo Stan Ekeh
Leo Stan Ekeh

When you engage Leo Stan in a discussion or go close to him, you will understand the man is too loaded intellectually and you will also see how a patriotic Nigerian should reason. He does not insult any government. He is not mischievious and he does not harbour malice in his mind. Ofcourse, he has never been known to be castigating any government before neither has he been found among those plotting evil against the government. He is a comfortable man and does not seek for any help from government instead he helps the government.

Chief Leo Stan is a good man and that I can say without mincing words. He is supporting Governor Uzodimma full time. You hardly can see him come to government House unless on invitation. He is too busy to engage in trouble. He knows Governor Uzodimma has a good heart and he tells this to anybody that cares to listen. Leo Stan is not known for prevarication on issues. He talks it the way it is always. Ofcourse, he has no reason to say things the other way. After all, what will you do for him? He is a typical case of a rich man with rich intellect and clean spirit.

I love the man and his ways. He keeps a long distance to trouble even when he has all the resources to prosecute it if he wants. He proffers his ideals freely to the state on how things should be done better. He is a good friend of Governor Uzodimma and the two great men have one thing in common- they are both men of good heart. I encourage all these big men in Imo state in particular that are causing trouble in the state to emulate him and pray to God to give them the kind of spirit that Governor Hope Uzodimma and Leo Stan have.

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