Plant More Schools Than Churches – RCCG’s Pastor C.Y Urges Christians

Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Provincial Pastor, Pastor Cyprian Orakpo has urged Christians to resort to planting more schools other than more churches in Nigeria.

In his Sunday message at RCCG Peace Assembly, Victoria Island church, titled “Divine Intervention” and sub-titled “Rod of Intervention,” Pastor C.Y said that there are seven mountains of influence that controls the world, and the church must rise up to occupy those mountains among which education is number one.

He said that Education is one of the mountains that must be conquered in order to see positive intervention in our country and the church must take ownership and rise up and influence that mountain. The church should start doing school planting in communities and neighbourhoods instead of church planting.

“Can you imagine what will happen in Nigeria, if all the churches in Nigeria should have good schools, well funded? How would God intervene in our education? This is one way to intervene. When God will send the church as the rod of His strength in the educational sector. It’s a more sustainable long-lasting intervention and not just a flash out of the palm.”

With reference to the precarious political tensions and insecurity in the country, Pastor C.Y said that he wishes and prays that God may look upon Nigeria and personally come and see what we are going through, where deaths of people don’t count anymore.

“From January till date, we’ve had over 4,000 people that died in Nigeria while the country is not engaged in any war with any nation. And it has become a normal thing. So we want God to personally get involved and deliver this nation. so we want God to intervene in the affairs in Nigeria.”

Pastor C.Y said that honestly speaking, we must begin to change our theology as Christians. He said that while Christians have been praying and calling on God for divine intervention, prayers alone may not be enough.

“There are things that God has committed to us to do which if we don’t do them; if we keep on praying, there may not be any intervention because He already has committed those things to us. I call it Dominion Mandate”

“Divine Intervention is the involvement of heaven in the affairs of men so as to compel changes in the status quo either through threat or use of force. God is interested in intervening in the affairs of men because men are the works of his hand and he has reasons and purpose why he made us and when things are not going the way he wants, He will intervene to enforce a turnaround. God also intervenes in the affairs of men because He is merciful, kind and a covenant-keeping God.”

Pastor CY said that besides the traditional ways that God intervenes in the affairs of men by his hand (Genesis 18: 20-21), by sending angels (Psalms 103:20), through his words(Hebrews 4:12, Psalms 107:20), God intervenes in the affairs of men by also using human intervention. God uses what men have in their hands to intervene in their problems and bring about salvation.

He said we can be in charge of divine intervention, intervention can be a daily occurrence in our hand and not be left to God, we can be in control and it can be a culture in our daily lives. We have been praying. There are traditional ways that God intervenes in the affairs of men and there is a new way besides the traditional ways. There are more and better conventional ways that God wants to intervene whereby it is in our hands to provoke divine intervention in the affairs of men and the things happening in and around us.

We have used the word, we have cried unto you to personally come, to send angels, to intervene in our situation, and we are witnesses that you do come but not all the times, could there be something that we are not doing right?

“Why should our prayers be like sometimes it will work, sometimes it will not work? Is there a better way? Are there things that we are not doing? Are there things that we should do together with our prayers? How can you intervene daily in our lives?”

“How can we enjoy daily interventions? How can we determine? How can it be in our hands?”

There are things that we must take charge of which if you are only praying, it will be by His providential grace that He may choose out of mercy and pity to intervene in. (Psalms 110:1-2)

God has ordained that you and I will be the rod of His strength with which He will rule in the midst of His enemies. God wants us to be the rod of His intervention. That wherever we are, every space we occupy, every community, every environment that we occupy, that instead of praying alone and waiting for him to intervene, that you are the rod of His intervention. He wants to use you, He wants to use me. Even though God can do all things, yet there are things God expects us to make a move before He will move, and if we sit down waiting for Him, we will wait for long.

Pastor C.Y also urged Christians to get involved in politics saying that we are in the last days where the church must exert influence over every other mountain which includes the media, politics and entrepreneurship.

“When you pray for the government to change, to change for who? Where are the politicians? Where are the Christian politicians? Where are the people with value? Where are the righteous? Are they interested in politics? Christians should be interested in politics.”

“If you are wired as a politician, you should know that God wants to use you to intervene in the political space in Nigeria. You should go and register at your ward. You should register with a party. You should begin to play politics, you should begin to rise. There is no other way it can happen. There is no other way that God can answer our prayers. Even if He kills the president then who takes over? Somebody that is worst than him may take over.”

“As a businessman, we want God to intervene in our economy, but where are the people? You are the rod of His strength. What kind of docility are we seeing in Nigeria today?”

“I have never seen a country like Nigeria, it does not exist anywhere that things that are happening today will be happening and nobody will do anything. The populace will not rise up to protest.”

“If they call for protests today, many Christians will not go. In fact, 95% of Christians will not join because they will be praying.”

“How would God intervene? How do you want there to be a change? How would a change come?”

“As long as we continue to believe that it is in God’s hands alone, it may take too long for intervention to come.”

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