The state of local government area council headquarters in imo state is attracting alot of questions by the public range and some of governors who have established resounding differences in their respective states to improve their LGA COUNCILS.

Our correspondent reports that Imo LGA Council Headquarters are degrading to rubbles and some of them are being consumed by bushes and rodents. Some cannot even boast of having a council hall to host their constituents and town hall meetings.

Our investigation reveals that UNDERFUNDING by Government has destroyed the third teir of Government at the rural areas and if nothing good is done hastily to correct this narrative, Imo LGA system may fizzle out.

This pics below exposes the disgusting situation of most of our local government areas in Imo state where Government claimed to have invested a whooping sum of money and the required allocations to make this tier of government workable and standardized.

To to my utmost chagrin and wonder, my visit to Owerri west local government Council headquarters Umuguma and few other LG councils I could tour yesterday baffled my imagination.

I can authoritatively report that this tier of government is been neglected while the so called political leaders are making mouth and confusing themselves against the wishes of the GRASSROOTS.

It will shock the world if some of us that goes investigative begin to hit the nails at the head but the reason for this particular report is for the agency of Government responsible for the Improvement of the LG council headquarters to braise up action to make our local government Council functional.

Report proves that apart from Owerri municipal council headquarters situated in the center city of the state, every other local government Council headquarters are dirty, bushy and lack of maintenance of both staffers and infrastructures. One can take a tour to confirm this report.

The entrance to some of these Headquarters are not even motorable and some do not even have befitting singnages or signboards to identify the council headquarters.

I even found out that the council hall in Owerri West has not been completed till date she series of TCs and Chairmen passed through the Council.

Meetings and Official sittings of councillors and Excos members are held in such a bare floor empty hall. And someone would stand to call himself or herself a leader. Who are you people leading if I may ask?

This report will challenge all politicial leaders to go back to their respective villages, communities and local government Council areas to make a positive impact and stop clustering the Government house and carrying mudane files around the governor to seek for personal gains. This continued syndrome will ridicule the Government.

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Meanwhile, some of the officers of Government are ready to do good work but I was told authoritatively that they are not mobilized yet.

This can now bring us to the question being asked by the people while in a chat with them. The question is, where then is the allocation mapped out for the local government councils diverted to?

I do not want to bother my readers with too many pics as space may not contain it but the pics below is a typical example of what the situation is at the time of this report at Umuguma where I sighted an empty house mapped out for INEC at the council Headquarter being ravaged by bushes and rodents.

While speaking with a staff of the council who pleaded anonymousity told me that the local government work is discouraging and less attractive while the council is underfunded. This is why you see the place as a farmland and grave yard.. the source hinted.

The best way forward is for the government to grant total autonomy to the local government, conduct elections at due time, monitor the activities and punish AILLING Officials.This will instill discipline and Improve the egalitarian society.

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