Slimcase Faded Off With Shaku Shaku, Can Zlatan Ibile Stay Relevant After Zanku Fades Off?

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Let’s talk about the Music industry and the trends going on for a while now.
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Sincerely, I don’t have anything against Zlatan but if anyone asks me this question, my answer will definitely be NO (The relevancy and fame will drop/reduce drastically).


In 2018, Slimcase was on top of his game with his Shaku Shaku sound. He became everyone’s favorite. Fans want to listen to him and other industry champions featured him and huge numbers of hits were made and released in a very short while.
Fast forward to late 2018, his relevancy dropped as the Shaku Shaku trend was fast dying off and just when we thought everything is almost over, Wizkid dropped “Gucci Snake” featuring Slimcase and everyone believed the song will revive his already nosediving career but sadly the song faded off without getting the much-expected buzz despite the very aggressive hype they gave it.
In short, Slimcase faded off with the Shaku Shaku trend.


Zlatan‘s “Zanku” vibes singlehandedly pushed the Shaku shaku trend off the Industry. This sound came at the time Nigerians are already getting tired of the whole Shaku madness.
With the Zanku sound spreading like wildfire, Zlatan blew up massively and is currently everyone’s favorite at the moment with his Songs and the ones he was featured in all trending massively and tearing different music charts apart.
Zlatan’s fame/sound is not different from that of Slimcase, their Industry acceptance by Top acts looks 100% alike too and this has brought about our question ?

Can Zlatan Remain Relevant After Nigerians Get Well From The Zanku Fever?

Let’s hear from you all on this very important matter.
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