Smino & Monte Booker – Rice & Gravy

Download Rice & Gravy Mp3 by Smino & Monte Booker

St. Louis-based rapper Smino has been criminally underrated for years. He’s got one of the slickest flows in all of rap and his delivery is as solid as ever. We’ve learned a lot about the 29-year-old artist throughout his career and he’s officially entering his next stage, delivering his latest single “Rice & Gravy” with longtime collaborator Monte Booker.

The record was teased at the beginning of this week when Smino tweeted, “dawg I went thru so much bullsht tryna release music over da past couple years I’m jus happy af to begin my new journey tonite… I feel like a brand new artist rn.”

Naming the song after a family staple while he was growing up, Smino speaks about his early life with his mother, how he always makes sure to take care of his sisters, and more. Have a listen to the new track below and let us know what you think of it.

Quotable Lyrics:

  • Ain’t much changed lil’ booger
  • Know a n***a still sit here smokin’ on boogers
  • Still look out for my sisters
  • They the one that put me on game, no rookie
  • Never let a lil’ ho spin yo’ ass, spend yo’ cash
  • Life a movie, n***a, blick yo’ cash
  • Quentin Taran-Smino, blackjack, no casino 

Listen & Download Rice & Gravy Mp3 by Smino & Monte Booker Below:


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