The MasterClass Initiative Online MasterClass Session on Arts & Culture: Territorial Attractiveness

Art and culture which has to do with how any race or ethnic group celebrates their traditional skills as well as their cultural ways of life and how they read meaning to nature and their set of beliefs about its usage remains a prerequisite when scrutinizing or when taking a look at their historical background.
Because this will of course enlighten the mind to a meaningful extent where and where the talk will be focused , in other words, it will make one understand their areas of achievements and that of failures.
As it stands however in all parts of the world , Covid 19 has challenged the knowledge of every physical society about nature . It has come to pose questions to the scientific world on how far they have gone in making use of their scientific and cultural knowledge about nature and of course it has made us realize globally that while art remains our greatest tool of creating awareness, we can as well utilise nature to cure for different ailments afflicting the present world.
It is conspicuous in the history of the indigenous Sans in southern Africa for example that, they were able to learn far and wide about nature that about 400-500 plants and their uses was known to them .

We really just have to find a way of connecting art and culture with nature . Firstly, it is very germane for us to keep to our set of cultural beliefs most especially the ones that are advantageous to us about nature because these beliefs were birthed after many trials and errors in different situations.
The attempt of one of the African countries towards producing a local medicine for covid 19 can be reckoned with as one of the working initiatives.

On the other hand, story telling has a way of strengthening the message between arts and culture as well as nature . This has a way of mending age long narratives and where change is required when approached by the new generation.

While considering these aforementioned solutions , one cannot exempt the role of technology which has to do with widespread social media. This platform or what have you has helped the world immensely and tremendously in creating awareness. If continued, we can use this more advantageously to let people know how inseparable culture ,art and nature can be. In a case where this technological tools and gadgets are not accessible. We can do well with excellent seminars , lectures and conferences .

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